AmEx Pledges Support to iOS 6 Passbook App

The iOS 6 passbook is Apple’s new application that enables consumers to store all their boarding passes, cards, coupons, tickets, and many more through their iPhones. Updates are also provided automatically through this app.

One of the Biggest CC Company Using Apple’s Passbook

One of the leading credit cards company, American Express, have already launched their integration to Passbook. Though details on transactions are reorganized, cardholders will not still be able to pay with American Express through a passbook creator. Updates happen with real-time alerts, which allow the credit card company to communicate with their clients mutually. Notifications which speak aloud can be activated for blind consumers. Thus, they can make certain that the amount is authorized before giving confirmation.

American Express is one of the top companies to verify support for this Apple iOS app. Though the company does not support purchases through Passbook, users who own iOS device like iPhone and iPod can get details on account transactions. You can also access client service information and view balance details. And according to AmEx’s spokesperson, ios passbook is a new means for passes that makes it handy for daily use, and not only for certain events. In the future, updates can include personalized promos and offers, reward point details, summary of flagged transactions, and many more.

What Users Get to Enjoy from Having Passbook Application

Once you use this app, boarding passes automatically pop up once you step into an airport. This saves a lot of time for manually looking for the desired card or ticket. Thus, as you enter a movie theater, airport, coffee shop and other stores that enable this application, you no longer have to waste time finding the paper cards or passes.

Through the real-time notifications, any devious transactions can be easily tracked down and discovered. The notification always needs a user to provide the PIN code to confirm every transaction made. Another means of validation is by means of checking if the location of the phone is the same as the merchant’s location. Any case of fraud can be easily caught through ios passbook.

Eminent Companies Employing iOS 6 Passbook

Apple has officially launched Passbook application along with iOS 6. This comes with the new iPhone 5 and can also be obtained from a good passbook creator for those who have existing iOS devices. Besides American Express, other companies and brands like Starbucks, Walgreens, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Major League Baseball, Fandango, United Airlines, and American Airlines also include ios passbook integration.

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