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Apple Comments on iPhone 5 Lens Flare Issue

Tech giant Apple has commented on the issue of purplish lens flare hounding its iPhone 5 by acknowledging that the problem can happen in most small camera, including those of the iPhone.

When the iPhone5 was released last month, some users began complaining about a purple flare or haze that appears when photographing something near a source of bright light. The issue was initially mentioned on a tech review site, with a forum user posting different images showing a purple haze. The forum user noted that the issue was also noticed on other iPhones, including those issued by Verizon and AT&T.

The problem happens when the iPhone 5 is aimed near a bright light. It can also happen when the phone is aimed near LED lighting, computer screens and florescent lighting.

The issue was even discussed by Jim Fisher of who noted that the predecessor of the iPhone5, the iPhone4S, was effective in limiting the reproduction of the flare due to various light sources.

Tech bloggers were also speculating that the issue could have been caused by software glitch or even the Sapphire Crystal lens of the iPhone 5, as espoused by Fisher. According to him, the cause may likely be due to the design of the lens and the coatings utilized in the construction of the iPhone. He also speculated that Apple may have used a completely different coating for thee iPhone 5, or that the coating is not compatible with the sapphire material.

But according to Apple, iPhone 5 users can get around the problem by holding the phone the right way.

In a statement, the company said that lens flare occurs when a source of light is positioned at an angle that results to a reflection off surfaces inside the camera module and camera sensor. It advised iPhone 5 users to move the camera away from a bright light source, or shield the lens using their hands.

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