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Augmenting Blog Traffic through Google Plus Circles

Creating a Google+ account can be done once you have signed up for a free Google account. And as soon as you have made a profile, you can look for other people and add them to your network. With this, you may also share links and get images and updates known to public. For business owners, creating a Google+ page is also possible.

Google plus circles are among the features of Google plus which categorizes the people within your network. You may create a circle for your friends, family members, coworkers, and so on. As you try to get in touch with other people on Google plus, you can place them on your preferred “circle”. And from there, you can share posts and updates with the whole network or with just certain circles. Thus, you can easily send out messages or posts to a target audience.

Here are some tips to add more people to your circles, which can eventually help in multiplying traffic for your blog:

  • Provide a good reason for these people to be in your Google plus circles. To make this possible, fill your page with things and information that interest your target people, even before approaching them to get into your circle. There should be things that will make them stay and desire to be in that circle.
  • Include buttons or badges of you own Google plus for blogs. As you market a certain blog or website, you can market your Google plus page indirectly.
  • Ask those in your circle to encourage other people to join the circle, too. Sending out messages to those in your circle and asking them to invite others is not a difficult task. After this, you can also spread the word about your blog. This is like a word of mouth strategy which encourages others to visit your blog or page.
  • Create a unique Google plus for your blog. Having a different page will surely grab the attention of other people. This also makes them follow you and anticipate what you post or do subsequently. However, make sure to keep things in accordance to your business venture.
  • Work attentively to get more traffic to your blog by posting interesting and creative updates daily. One of the simplest means to keep your followers and attract more of them is by giving them essential posts on a regular basis. Remember, you can lose followers if you become inactive for some time.
  • Exhibit a positive spirit in case other people want you to join their circles, too. If someone invites you to be part of his or her network or follow their blogs, show a generous character. Once you follow them, they will also do the same to you. This is just like a give and take scenario in social network marketing.
  • Take note, when attracting other businesses into your Google plus circles, they also wish more people or businesses into theirs’ too.

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