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Two Important Things You Must Do When Fixing Credit Report Errors

Emotions run high, one feels confused and frustrated and before he or she knows it, depression gradually but surely comes calling. Well, like you may have guessed, feeling moody during financial difficulties never help. You have to be a critical thinker and fix things before it is too late to do anything. If you had already noticed errors, the whole credit repair process can be a rough uphill task.

To ensure that the mistake or rather error gets corrected as quickly as possible, you must contact the credit bureau as well as the organization that gave the information to the bureau. These are the main parties that are always responsible for correcting wrong and inaccurate information under the law, precisely under Fair Credit Reporting Act. Since this is a provision under the law, you have nothing to fear. Plus, it touches on your finances which is a very sensitive issue for any other citizen.

Inform credit bureau in writing what kind of information you are certain is inaccurate.

The credit bureau must first investigate what you claim is inaccurate. This will take at least 30 days unless they consider your dispute as an urgent or a frivolous one. Do not use original copies of your documents to support your claim. Simply use copies. Then keep in mind that apart from just your name and address, the letter should also contain.

  • Request for correction or deletion
  • An explanation with facts as you why you dispute the information
  • Clearly identify and distinguish the items you dispute
  • See for sample letters.

Enclosing a copy of your report with the above mentioned items can be in order. You may need someone to help you draft the letter in the appropriate format. Once you have drafted the letter, send it by certified mail and request a return receipt so that you can document that the recipient or rather credit bureau received your correspondence.  Remember to always keep copies of all the dispute letters and enclosures. At this stage, you cannot afford to lose or take anything for granted.

Write to the appropriate creditor and explain to them that you are disputed the information provided in the credit bureau

Once more, you will have to include copies of documents that can support your position. A good number of providers have specific addresses for disputes only. If the provider reports the same information that you dispute again, then it must include the notice of your disputes. Remember to make a special request that the provider should copy on the correspondence that they send to the bureau.   You will have to be extremely patient as this process normally takes 30 to 90 days.

Check out if you are in state that can allow you to receive free credit reports directly form a credit bureau once you have a registered dispute. This will come in handy in the verification process of the disputes.  Then consult the relevant credit bureau to ensure that you qualify for these services.

The Advantages of Credit Monitoring for Businesses

Companies, big or small, require funding assistance in order to boost their businesses. Access to capital is an important aspect in any business operation. Without funding support, a business won’t be able to expand or to grow its operations.

Credit monitoring, or the act of closely keeping tabs of one’s credit records, is thus very critical given the importance of access to credit especially for businesses. With credit monitoring reports, businessmen can get unlimited access to credit report information and 24/7 monitoring of their credit. It can help them look for signs of identity theft or illegal use of credit cards. Monitoring of credit can also provide businesses with instant notification on whoever is checking their credit report and information on past and current lenders. There are numerous reasons why entrepreneurs should regularly monitor their credit scores. provides more information on credit monitoring services.

Strategic Planning

Entrepreneurs need to know their credit standing so they can plan for their future partnerships and investments. Credit monitoring allows entrepreneurs to understand their credit score, or if they are credit-worthy enough to be given funding requirements by financial institutions. It also puts businessmen in a better position to find someone to partner with or engage in negotiations.  Simply put, credit monitoring helps businessmen to have the confidence and knowledge of where their businesses stand, and be able to capitalize on their credit standings.


Businessmen who are able to monitor their credit reports on a consistent basis would be able to spot and correct mistakes as soon as errors happen. Entrepreneurs are able to quickly dispute errors in their credit reports if they keep tabs of the credit standings of their businesses.  This would help their businesses in the long run, as they can prevent any serious damage to happen to the credit reputation of their firms.

Preventing Fraud

Identity theft is a serious problem that often affects entrepreneurs especially those who don’t closely monitor their credit standings. Businesses can also be victimized by identity theft, as credit card numbers can be stolen by unscrupulous individuals.  However, businessmen can promptly detect and report if someone is illegally misusing their businesses’ credit if they regularly monitor their credit scores.

It’s Practical

While credit monitoring services can be quite costly for businesses, it is still a practical investment considering that it helps in improving a firm’s credit rating and saving a company thousands of dollars yearly, or even more money in decades. See Creditmonitoringsearch: credit monitoring services for more details.

More Tips on How to Earn Credit Points Using Rewards

By now, you must have heard that you can earn more credit points by being smart with how you use your credit rewards. There are so many ways you can do this apart from the common ways people already know of.  If you really want to get the most out of the rewards, consider the following tips.

Make Daily Purchases with Your Credit Cards

This can be the easiest way to earn more rewards. If you always pay everything using your debit or bank card, simply take advantage of the credit card. You may not have noticed it before but some banks like the Bank of America will provide you with a bill pay free of charge. This will allow you to transfer your money from your checking account automatically so as to pay off daily transactions. In the end, you will not accrue interests and you will still earn the points.

Be Keen on Blackout and Expiration Dates

This may sound unfair to some people especially those who only use their cards once in a blue moon and still want to benefit from the rewards. Some programs are strict with their rules and restrictions. They may simply state that you will lose the point you could have accrued after a long period of inactivity, low spending or dormancy on the card itself.   To stay safe, always keep track of you status. Then keep in mind that not all programs are that strict. Up to 60 % of reward programs do not have these blackout and expiration dates.

Keep off Electronics and Gadgets

Think twice before cashing in points. When you want to cash in for a DVD player or an LED TV, take time to think of the repercussions.  You will be surprised once you add up the amount you will have spent for the points earned. It could be more than the actual cost of purchasing it in an electronic store or even triple the amount.

Pay Your Bills

The rule here is simple. If you cannot afford it, do not buy it. It calls for learning to spend within your means. Your credit card is not your friend. It simply pretends to be one by helping you with purchases. If you lose track and allow your monthly interest charges accrue, just a glance at your rewards will remind the amount you will have wasted.

Try to Link Your Programs

Choose a rewards program that can allow you to sign up your existing account to a program that could not have been available when you received the credit card. This might mean that you will have to forfeit some kick backs or free upgrades. However, such programs will give you an opportunity to earn double and sometimes even triple the points just for signing up.

Benefits without Spending

They are scarce but this does not mean that they are not there. Some credit cards are just the golden spoons we all need to be fed with. They simply pay you to drive and all they can ask for after the simple task is a copy of your last oil change receipt which should clearly show the number of miles on your vehicle. Then just like that they send u a check! Citi Drivers Edge card is one such card. If you get other credit card companies like it, seize the opportunity.

Further resources: compare best credit monitoring services.

How to Earn More Credit Card Points Using Rewards

It goes without saying that no one wants a poor credit score. However, because of one or two unavoidable circumstances, we often find ourselves with unimpressive credit scores and reports. In such situations, the only things that often comes in mind is credit rebuilding, which as you may have already guessed, calls for patience and watching ones spending habits more than anything else.  In as much as such measures could be helpful, people often forget that credit rewards can also come in handy in ones efforts to rebuild his or her score. Here is how.

Free Points for Credit Cards

It can quit tricky or rather challenging to derive much benefits out of your rewards programs. This is simply because there are so many points, rewards or miles available in the market for credit cards. Despite this fact, you can still manage to make a difference in your credit report using the rewards.

Nearly all credit card companies offer the exact same reward programs. You can benefit from these rewards but finding a card that will suit your spending habits, the cash back you deserve, the points you need or even the discounts that can benefit your lifestyle may be kind of hard. As such, the first thing you must do is to watch your spending habits and lifestyle then try to calculate how the rewards can help you fix your report.  If you do not want to calculate, that is fine as you can still do it without getting into numbers.

Choose Credit Cards That Fit Your Lifestyle

Do not crave for free miles or large bonus points when you sign up. Though it can be a great deal, there is always more than what meets the eye when you get not the finer details.  Simply ensure that what you are signing up for is something that perfectly blends and suits your day to day spending habits. Take time to find out if the credit card has made partnerships with local vendors. This is one way of making sure that it is tailored to meet your needs. Such a card can help you to earn more points as well as incentives in your daily transactions.

Credit Card Promo Rates

Fancy commercials with public figures and celebrities can easy lure into signing up for cards that can worsen your credit crisis. Do not allow yourself to be lured by such commercials.  They may promise 0% percent balance transfers or better still, they may promise 5 % cash back, whichever way, ensure that you have read the fine print first before putting pen to paper.  Ensure that the card does not come with underlying minimum spending or restrictions. Instead, choose a credit that can offer you cash back incentives and long term rates.  Choose the 1.5% cash back instead of the 5 % cash back which comes with a minimum 0.5% cash back guarantee after the half a  year or rather 6 month promotional period. If there is a better deal, seize it.

Combine Your Miles and Points

Chase, Bank of America and Royal Bank of Canada are among reward cards that offer incentives. They allow you to combine your points, give miles as gifts and transfer rewards. Do not let this opportunity pass you especially if you can share the miles and points with a friend. After all, you might just have a trip to enjoy. When that happens remember to take multiple routes.

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Voice Broadcasting Scores Big With Sports Teams

How do you quickly notify team members about last-minute practice time changes?

What do league organizers immediately get word out when weather cancels outdoor youth games?

How do you build fan attendance at games?

You could use email, but not everyone checks their email regularly. You could telephone everybody, but by the time you finish making all the calls, some might have left already and missed the all-important message.

The ultimate solution is voice broadcasting. In fact, its application in youth sports leagues, school sports, college athletics and professional sports is already scoring big among organizers, coaches, athletes, parents and fans.

Voice Broadcasting in Sports

An automated telephone tree for sports teams works well because it encompasses both voice messages and text messages. It is carried out by an automated sports notification system that provides the user with a simple, 3-step process for delivering their message.

  1. Upload your contact list and, if you prefer, organize it into different groups.
  2. Create your message.
  3. Choose whether to send your message via phone message, text message, or both, and when you want your message delivered.

The automated messaging service sends out your message and tracks its delivery in real-time. These automated voice and text services are invaluable in the sports community for several reasons:

    • • They get important, time-sensitive sports announcements out quickly to hundreds of people simultaneously;
    • • They are an inexpensive means for conducting marketing and promotional activities;
    • • They are mobile, making them easy to use and manage from anywhere;
    • • There’s one low monthly cost and no toll or long-distance charges and no equipment or software to purchase.

Look Who’s Using Automated Phone Calling in Sports

The number of sports-related organizations using a sports team automated messaging service is growing every day. The main reason is the versatility of automated voice and text messaging. Take a look at how some sports leagues and teams have automated their communications.

  • Youth soccer leagues use phone messaging for coaches when weather either delays or cancels a game.
  • Athletic associations organize registration, scheduling, volunteers, fundraising events, promotional activities, venue changes and more for hundreds of participants across multiple sports.
  • Baseball and softball leagues use automated messaging for broadcasting registration reminders, try-out reminders, practice cancellations, time changes or reminders, weekly games, tournament events, picture taking day and uniform requirements.
  • League coordinators communicate important information with referees throughout the season.
  • Team management relays player updates, final scores, last minute substitutions, time changes and rain-outs, and coordinates road trip transportation and venue details.
  • Recreation leaders notify staff and participants about changes in programs, venue, or schedule.
  • Colleges and professional teams use a voice and text sports marketing service to boost ticket sales with day-of ticket promotions, engage fans with game day promotional offers and events, and build fan base with special messages from star players.
  • Youth and college tournament weekend organizers and coaches instantaneously inform team members and parents of time and field locations for the next tourney round depending on win or loss status.
  • High school sports teams cut down on administrative work, like manual phone calling, by sending one message about practice and game changes to hundreds simultaneously.

Your sports organization can score big with voice broadcasting, too. For a tryout, click here for and its free, 30-day trial.

Religious Groups Automate Prayer Chain For Faster Blessings

It’s wonderful to know people are praying for you, especially when you are sick or in a situation that calls for additional blessings. It is the immediacy of prayer that has helped so many people in their time of need. And it is technology that is enabling prayer groups to get prayer requests out quickly. As such, churches of all sizes and denominations, religious groups and ministries are turning to an automated calling service for prayer chains.

Automated Prayer Chain versus Telephone Tree

Voice broadcast for prayer chains offers many benefits that manual telephone tree calling cannot provide, which is why many religious organizations are looking into automating this service. This chart shows some of the advantages of automating prayer requests over manually dialing each number in your prayer circle.

Automated Prayer Chain vs. Manual Telephone Tree

Advantages Automated Prayer Chain Manual Calling
Calls hundreds of phone numbers simultaneously Yes No
Convey message once and it goes out to everyone in prayer chain Yes No
All prayer chain participants get your call within seconds of placing it Yes No
View in real-time whether person or answering machine/voice mail answered your phone message Yes No
Can send a phone call or a text message Yes No

How to Automate Your Prayer Chain

Any type of church or religious organization can turn their manual telephone calling tree into an automated prayer service quickly and inexpensively by following these 5 steps.

1. Select an automated calling service. They can be found by searching the Internet. However, if you don’t have the time to search and are looking for an automated messaging service that specializes in serving the needs of churches and religious organizations, has comprehensive features and is affordable, offers a free, no obligation trial for 30 days so you can try out their automated voice broadcasting service.

2. Import Your Call List. Upload the document file containing the names and phone numbers in your prayer chain. You can also enter names directly into the automated call system and create one main group or different subgroups, depending on your calling needs.

3. Create Your Prayer Chain Message. With an automated prayer chain service that has comprehensive features, you can either record your message over the phone or log in to your account and create a text message or use the text to speech feature.

4. Send Your Daily Prayer Chain Message. Schedule your voice or text message to be sent immediately or at any time of the day.

5. View Who Received Your Message. See in real-time if your message was answered or the line was busy and being redialed. You can also see if your message was answered by an actual person or by an answering machine or voice mail.

Why Your Church Should Automate Its Prayer Chain

People depend on a church to be responsive when they need spiritual guidance. Automated ministry calls allow pastors and other clergy members to communicate prayer requests faster, especially when these situations arise:

  • A prayer request comes in after you called everyone on your prayer chain with the daily prayer requests.
  • Your church has a very long prayer chain and prayer requests often change after the first few calls are made.
  • Your church is the only one in the area with a prayer chain, so you receive requests from all over, as well as through your website.

With automated messaging, churches and other religious organizations can quickly and effortlessly send out voice broadcasts as many times a day as needed because automated calling services include plenty of calling credits in their monthly service plan price. Churches and religious groups with websites can use their online presence to sign-up prayer chain members for their automated prayer chain contact list. If they are located in a different time zone, the automated calling service will automatically adjust for the time differences and send the message accordingly.

School Principals Improve Student Attendance with Automated Calling

One of the essential items middle school and high school students have is a mobile phone. And so do their parents. That’s why schools are going mobile and using automated school messaging to communicate important notifications.

Case studies show that schools see significant improvement in student attendance rates when they send voice broadcasts to parents and students. Through the use of an automated calling system for schools, principals take advantage of Internet-based technology to inexpensively communicate to parents and/or students instantly by phone or text message.

3 Ways Voice Broadcasting Improves School Attendance

Automated school reminders work particularly well in replacing the manual phone calls the principal’s office makes every school day to certain students and their parents. For example, in these three instances, principals use voice broadcasting to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

1. Absent from School Verification – Principals are responsible for ensuring students are showing up to school and present in all classes. Automated calling makes the tedious task more manageable by allowing a school principal to record one message that gets sent out to parents of the students absent from school to verify that parents are aware of the absenteeism. Furthermore, if students reported to school but are missing from a particular class, an automated message can be sent to the student and parent to encourage the student’s return to class and make the parent aware of the skipped class.

2. Tardy Notification – Student tardiness is a growing concern among principals, but by using automated messaging, they can send a phone call or text message to parents that not only portrays their concern, but the importance for students to be at school on time. High school principals report that parents appreciate the automated tardy notification because they are often unaware their teenager, who left the home for school on time, arrived late.

3. Detention Attendance – Principals challenged with students skipping detentions can save time and increase detention attendance rates by sending automated messages the day before and the day of detention to remind students and their parents of the requirement.

Automated calls for schools are also used by principals to remind parents that their students are required to attend Saturday classes, or take a missed exam after school.

The Best Automated Calling System for Schools

Many features of voice broadcasting make it the best automated messaging service for schools. Here are some key features principals find most valuable:

  • No hardware to purchase.
  • No software to install.
  • It’s Internet-based, so creating and scheduling automated school reminders can be done from anywhere at any time.
  • Contact lists from other sources can be easily imported into the automated calling service.
  • Can assign multiple authorized users to access the automated school messaging system.
  • Only need to record one message and it gets sent to parents, students, or both as designated on the contact list.
  • Can easily create subgroups by dragging and dropping contacts into the message distribution list.
  • It tracks the automated calls so principals know who received it and who didn’t.
  • It’s quick and easy to use.

School principals can try automated voice broadcasting for free at Why not start the new school year with a proven system for improving school attendance?

Inexpensive Public Safety Notification System for Cities and Towns

Department consolidations, budget cuts, staff layoffs – these are all solutions cities and towns often use to maintain funding for essential public safety services. Having to manage with a smaller local government, many municipalities are turning to automated messaging to make government more accessible in an affordable manner. A municipal emergency notification messaging system is fast becoming an inexpensive and more efficient way to send public safety alerts to residents citywide or in specific neighborhoods.

How Automated Calling Works

Most municipalities already have a public safety and emergency notification plan in place, but it involves deploying a large number of staff and resources to contact the proper personnel and notify residents door-to-door, via a manual calling tree, or by running costly announcements in print or broadcast media.

Alternatively, an automated public safety notification system does all the notification of key personnel and also informs residents either by phone or text messaging. And the cost to the municipality is only the low monthly price of an automated calling service plan. Local governments do not have to purchase any hardware or software to implement an automated emergency notification system. The entire process involves 3 steps and takes one person only a few minutes to complete:

  1. Create your voice or text message using either a phone or an Internet-connected computer to access the automated messaging service.
  2. Import an existing contact list of personnel and residents, or create a new contact list on the automated calling system.
  3. Designate who needs to receive the public safety alert and schedule your message for immediate release or at a certain day and time. The automated calling and messaging service handles the delivery of your message per your instructions.


Your municipality can try automated calling for free for 30 days at

Benefits Municipalities Realize From An Automated Messaging System

There are so many instances when a city or town needs to communicate quickly with its citizens. It is during these circumstances that municipalities recognize the effectiveness of an automated calling service. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Better Response Time – Benefits are realized by both emergency responders and citizens. For example, an automated calling service for search and rescue means rapid-response personnel are notified quicker, thus improving better outcomes for the victims.

Enhanced Protection for Citizens – An automated voice and text service gets communications out faster to residents when a disaster strikes, thus enabling them to get to safety sooner. Situations where cities and towns benefit the most from automated public safety communications include: boil water advisories; road closures; downed power lines; chemical spills; gas or water main breaks; natural disasters requiring evacuation; flooding; terrorism warnings; police alerts regarding criminal activity; and severe weather alerts. Municipalities home to colleges and universities find automated messaging a valuable communication tool as well.

Streamlines Processes – Using one system eliminates duplicate processes among departments. Departmental communications and coordination improves since all involved get the same message simultaneously and begin implementing their responsibilities immediately.

What to Look for in a VPN Service

When shopping for a VPN service provider, the first thing that you’ll notice is the large number of providers to choose from. It can be pretty easy to become confused with the technical jargon, available options, pricing and different performance claims. So the question is; “What should you look for in a VPN service provider?” Before you make a final decision, you need to ensure that you’ll be getting the very best service for the money that you’ll be spending. Here, we’ll be taking a look at what VPN options are being offered and making a few comparisons.

Types of VPN service

A virtual private network (VPN) is designed to protect a user’s privacy when going online. VPNs are set up by using software that creates an encrypted “tunnel” for data to pass through on the Internet. This will keep that data from being intercepted and viewed. There are a number of different types of VPNs and they are differentiated by the protocols used, such as SSTP, L2TP, SSL and IPSec. For example, a business may wish to have a secure connection to employees who are contacting the company from a remote location. Remote workers can log into a secure website and download an application that will serve as client software. This can also be set up to allow employees limited access to certain resources on corporate servers.

Microsoft Windows has a built-in Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) that functions as a VPN. The downside here is that the encryption is relatively weak. For a more secure VPN, a corporate office may use a LAN-to-LAN VPN in order to connect one corporate office network to another.

Things to Look For

When choosing the perfect VPN service for your needs, here are the main things to consider:

  • Tech Support – Is technical support available 24/7? Is the technical staff well-trained? These are important considerations when running a business, especially if you don’t have your own IT department.
  • Reliable service – When checking customer feedback, how often is network downtime mentioned? What are the downtime statistics for that provider?
  • Connection Speed – What is the VPNs connection speed? Waiting for a slow connection while you’re trying to work can be frustrating.
  • Installation and Setup – Not everyone is familiar with technical issues. Therefore, the setup and use of the VPN connection should be relatively quick and simple.

Besides the main items to consider, here are some additional technical and business issues:

  • Is the VPN monthly connection fee affordable? How does it compare to other VPN services, when it comes to the features and benefits that are provided?
  • Is there a cap on the bandwidth that can be used? If multi-media presentations or extensive web use is involved, you will need a large bandwidth capability.
  • If security is your primary concern, then you should take a look at the VPN Protocols used. SSTP VPN connections are considered the most secure. They can also be used in countries where local firewalls block full access to the Internet.

VPN services provide a safe and secure means of connecting over the Internet, thus protecting your privacy. However, not all VPN connections are the same. Before investing in a VPN service, it pays to look closely at what’s being offered.

Automated Calling Service Communication

Automated Calling Services

1. CloudReminder

CloudReminder is a low-cost, no startup fee school notification system. Click here to learn more.

Physicians and hair stylists use them, as do automotive service centers, restaurants, retail shops, government agencies, municipalities, schools, churches, community groups, nonprofit organizations and many other types of enterprises. They are automated calls and thanks to Web-based technology, the days of a person manually dialing numerous individuals on a contact list to communicate important information are over.

Automated Voice Messaging Advantages

Besides getting your message out quickly, automated messaging saves time and money with the many features it offers. Here’s an overview of just some of those features:


Functionality Feature How It’s Beneficial
Landline phone, mobile phone, or text messaging options Message gets to contact via their preferred communication method.
Customized call list Can send any message to one individual, a group of people, or your entire contact list.
Answering machine compatible Capable of recognizing when an answering machine picks up and leaves the message.
Time zone adjustment You schedule a message in your time zone and it automatically adjusts delivery time for other area codes on your call list.
Real-time Tracking View in real-time which contacts have received your automated message.
Caller ID Recipients know who is contacting them because you choose the number to display on Caller ID.


The extent of features varies among automated calling services. Choosing the best automated calling provider for your circumstances should be based on which one meets your current needs, yet offers services your business or organization can take advantage of in the future when you’re ready to make modifications to business operations.

1-2-3 Automated Calling and Texting Platform

Automated messaging is made possible through a powerful, Web-based automatic messaging platform operated by an automated calling service. For the user, the process literally takes only 3 steps:

  1. Create your phone or text message using either your telephone or by logging in to your account from the website of your automated messaging provider.
  2. Select the individuals to receive the message from a contact list you previously imported to the service, or create a new list and add contacts.
  3. Schedule your message for delivery either immediately or at a designated day and time.

Once you complete the three steps, the automated messaging service sends your message out to everyone within a few minutes time and tracks its delivery so you have real-time reports on the status of those who received your information.

What You Can Do With Automated Phone Messaging

If you regularly have to communicate information to one or more individuals, then automated calling is for you. The potential uses for automated phone messaging are endless, especially when you consider the continuing advances in mobile phone technology. Here are the Top 5 ways automated calling is being used:

  • Emergency Notifications
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Marketing
  • Political Reach Out
  • Informational/Fundraising

Getting Started

Mass broadcasting through an automated calling service requires no hardware or software. Once you sign-up for a service plan and create an account, your first message can be sent within minutes and you will instantly begin benefiting from the time-savings and cost-savings of automated calling services.