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Automated Calling Service Communication

Automated Calling Services

1. CloudReminder

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Physicians and hair stylists use them, as do automotive service centers, restaurants, retail shops, government agencies, municipalities, schools, churches, community groups, nonprofit organizations and many other types of enterprises. They are automated calls and thanks to Web-based technology, the days of a person manually dialing numerous individuals on a contact list to communicate important information are over.

Automated Voice Messaging Advantages

Besides getting your message out quickly, automated messaging saves time and money with the many features it offers. Here’s an overview of just some of those features:


Functionality Feature How It’s Beneficial
Landline phone, mobile phone, or text messaging options Message gets to contact via their preferred communication method.
Customized call list Can send any message to one individual, a group of people, or your entire contact list.
Answering machine compatible Capable of recognizing when an answering machine picks up and leaves the message.
Time zone adjustment You schedule a message in your time zone and it automatically adjusts delivery time for other area codes on your call list.
Real-time Tracking View in real-time which contacts have received your automated message.
Caller ID Recipients know who is contacting them because you choose the number to display on Caller ID.


The extent of features varies among automated calling services. Choosing the best automated calling provider for your circumstances should be based on which one meets your current needs, yet offers services your business or organization can take advantage of in the future when you’re ready to make modifications to business operations.

1-2-3 Automated Calling and Texting Platform

Automated messaging is made possible through a powerful, Web-based automatic messaging platform operated by an automated calling service. For the user, the process literally takes only 3 steps:

  1. Create your phone or text message using either your telephone or by logging in to your account from the website of your automated messaging provider.
  2. Select the individuals to receive the message from a contact list you previously imported to the service, or create a new list and add contacts.
  3. Schedule your message for delivery either immediately or at a designated day and time.

Once you complete the three steps, the automated messaging service sends your message out to everyone within a few minutes time and tracks its delivery so you have real-time reports on the status of those who received your information.

What You Can Do With Automated Phone Messaging

If you regularly have to communicate information to one or more individuals, then automated calling is for you. The potential uses for automated phone messaging are endless, especially when you consider the continuing advances in mobile phone technology. Here are the Top 5 ways automated calling is being used:

  • Emergency Notifications
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Marketing
  • Political Reach Out
  • Informational/Fundraising

Getting Started

Mass broadcasting through an automated calling service requires no hardware or software. Once you sign-up for a service plan and create an account, your first message can be sent within minutes and you will instantly begin benefiting from the time-savings and cost-savings of automated calling services.

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