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Getting Device-Particular Reviews of Android Applications

Downloading an Android app is likely what most Android users do during their spare time, especially since many of the applications can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. However, some users constantly experience crashes when using such apps on their smart phones. Why do these failures often happen when several other users provide good reviews about such apps?

What is an android?

For beginners who aren’t yet familiar with Android and its uses, this is actually an operating system based on Linux intended for touch screen devices like tablet PCs and smart phones. This is developed by Google with the help of Open Handset Alliance.

Android has become a popular operating network choice among smart phone companies. This is because developers of different smart phone brands can easily customize the system depending on their requirements. However, the customization of the user interface among Android devices differs. The common features found on different Android phones and tablets include video streaming, internet surfing, organization of personal details, and access to free and paid applications.

Thus, for those who are asking what is android, this is a complex system that operates on several models of mobile phones and tablet computers with varying versions.

Why does an Android app crash on your phone?

One of the possible reasons why an application crashes is because it might not be compatible with the device you are using. Another reason could be that the Android app you downloaded is not well-suited to the Android version operating on your smart phone or device.

Phone-Specific Reviews from Filter App

To solve the problem when it comes to crashing applications, there is actually a useful device filter that you can get from the Google Play store. As soon as you activated this filtering device on your phone, the store will only show application reviews from consumers who owns the same device as what you have. If complains are not just limited to the users of the same device or OS version, then it’s the Android app that requires some repair.

It is very easy to find reviews on any app from users who share the same model as you are. Simply open the tab labeled as “User Reviews,” from the app page, and then choose “All Devices” from the dropdown menu. From here, you will be given a list of devices and select the one that you use. But of course, you have to be signed in to your Google account so you can view the Android device you have registered.

From then on, you will know if the Android app you wish to download has failed or not among users who own a phone model similar to yours.