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How to Come Up with Your Own E-book Using Pages From Wikipedia

There are now added tools on Wikipedia which can aid you to make your own formatted e-books from the site’s pages, and then enable you to export these to your ereader devices.

Previously, the Wikipedia website included a PDF export feature which has helped a lot of users in transferring PDF files into their own devices. In addition to that, with the new modifications made by the website, users can now transfer a collection of pages as EPUBs. This is a known better system for reading different materials and articles offline using an e-book reader, tablet computers, and even cellular phones. Nevertheless, PDF format is still much preferred when coming up with e-books that can be printed out in the future.

Producing e-books using Wikipedia pages

It won’t take you so much time to transfer pages from the Wikipedia website into your ereader device. The process of making your own e-book can be done through these simple steps:

  • First, open the Wikipedia website, but make sure that the Book Creator has been activated. Another option is by opening a page from the website and then select “Book Creator” found at the toolbox menu. You can find this menu on the right portion of the page.
  • After that, choose the page you wish to copy and then click the link saying, “Add this page to your book.” This will then include the page’s article on your e-book.
  • You may also direct the mouse pointer on any internal link from the Wikipedia page. This is if you want to include a linked page on your ereader even without opening the page itself.
  • As soon as you have collected the pages you wish to export, click on the link stating, “Show Book.” And then, enter a title you want for the e-book you created and download it in EPUB layout.
  • Different ereader applications for varying devices

    As an e-book reader, you can use the iBooks app on your iPad or iPhone which enables you to read the created e-book while on the go. If you are using an Android phone, you can freely download and install Aldiko Book Reader so you can read EPUB files from your device. Unfortunately, for Amazon Kindle users, you still cannot view EPUB files from the device, though there are workarounds being made.

    All of the Wikipedia articles you can obtain are licensed under Creative Commons. This means that if you wish to dole out your e-books to distributors or to any e-book and ereader store, you won’t be having any problem.

    Compile Wikipedia Articles into an eBook

    Wikipedia, launched in 2001, is now globally considered as one of the largest general reference websites on the Internet. The dominance as an online reference of this openly editable Internet encyclopedia has been acknowledged by Time Magazine in 2007. Whereas, in a five-year web traffic statistics done by Alexa Internet Inc., a subsidiary web information company of, Wikipedia placed sixth in the global rankings of sites with the most visits.

    Currently owned by non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation, this web-based encyclopedia is a departure from traditional and printed ones making it a convenient research tool. Wikipedia uses the wiki technology and creative commons attribution to provide users with websites and links to additional information pooled together. With about 23 million articles, Wikipedia has hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world numbering to at least 470 million.

    In an environment that has rapidly become mobile, digital and Internet-dependent, eBooks or electronic books have also gained ground and popularity among users. eBooks are digitally published books which can be downloaded from the Internet and read using personal computers, laptops, smart phones and eBook readers.

    Recently, Wikipedia introduced a tool on their website which allows a user to compile Wikipedia articles and additional links into an eBook using the ePUB format. Wikipedia made the switch from PDF to ePUB, an industry standard open-source eBook format which makes eBooks easily readable on a variety of eReaders which include:

  • Hardware eReaders
  • eBooks in ePUB format can be read using dedicated and convenient eBook readers such as the iBook on iPhones and iPads, the Aldiko Book Reader for electronic deviced with Android operating systems, Barnes and Noble NOOK, and Sony Reader Pocket/Daily/Touch Edition. Top-rated Kindle, on the other hand, does not support ePUB files but can be converted by eBook managers to Kindle-readable formats. Aside from portability, eReaders are convenient with memories large enough to store hundreds of eBooks and they are fast becoming affordable too.

  • Desktop software
  • It must be admitted however that hardware eReaders are still pricey. Reading on a device already available in your homes or office such as personal computers have its advantages too; reading on a big screen for example. Popular desktop eBook readers include: Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Kindle, Kobo and Nook software.

  • Online/Web Browser Readers
  • Reading ePUB books online or through your browser can especially be useful for those who constantly switch computers or read on their work computers where they are not allowed to install software. ePUB files can be read using Google Books, Firefox ePUB Extension, Magic Scroll and many others.

    To compile your Wikipedia pages into an eBook, here are 3 easy steps:

  • Open any Wikipedia page on your web browser and click the “Create a book” filed under “Print/Export” menu found on the sidebar.
  • To add the currently viewed Wikipedia article to the e-book you are creating, click on the link that says “Add this page to your book”.
  • A list of all articles added to your book can be viewed through the “Show book” link. The order of articles queued can be changed and structured into chapters. Linked articles (linked wiki pages) and entire categories can also be added to your book. Once done, your eBook can be downloaded in the ePUB format.