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Unknown Handwriting Function of Google Now Revealed

Just recently, Google has included a new feature into the search interface. Now, handwriting recognition is enabled which lets you enter words and make your searches without having to type on your keyboard. If you try to activate the handwriting function, the page is converted into a scratch pad. From here, you can already write anything on your screen. Your free hand writing will be turned into text by the search engine site.

Using this new Google capability provides you with accurate results. And even if the process takes place within the servers of Google, you will never wait for a long time or experience any setback. However, it is recommended that you write in block, yet writing in cursive is also possible.

The Google handwriting function can be used to search information in any tablet PC or touch-screen cellular phones. Nonetheless, if you are utilizing a desktop or laptop computer, you have to convert your browser’s user agent into Android or iPad mode. By then, Google will provide the option that lets you write free-handedly using your mouse on the desktop’s screen.

Google’s Handwriting Feature: How it Works

As you sketch a figure on the page of, the shapes you create are captured in a set of X-Y points. This is then delivered to the input method editor (IME) of Google just like a post request. It follows that the IME interprets the figures using a record of possible suggestions. After that, the letters are entered in the search box of Google.

An Unfamiliar and Hidden Google Function

A concealed feature of Google handwriting function is revealed by the JavaScript record. Besides the letters and numbers, you can also create shapes which can be converted into words or phrases. One good example of this is by sketching a heart shape on the search page. Google provides the word for this and enter “heart” on your screen.

As you draw the heart-shaped figure on the page, the IME will read it using the available codes that it corresponds to. With this, Google can easily convert shapes and symbols into word or phrase.

Furthermore, the handwriting recognition feature can work on other symbols, emoticons as well as trademark or copyright symbol though this is not yet operational. On the other hand, it offers a clear implication that such Google function can also be incorporated in other services and products like Googletalk and Gmail. This is simply for the reason that we seldom make use of smileys and other emoticons in the search box.