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Making the Most Out of YouTube Advertising

Videos are always a good option for advertisement. That’s why millions of people subscribe to YouTube. No wonder YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. If you want to advertise your products and services, YouTube is the best social networking site to advertise in. Now, YouTube is offering a different option for business owners. You get to display video ads like the Instream Ads. They are the ads usually found either before or after a video. There are also some ads placed in the middle of the video. For longer videos like short film movies on YouTube, advertisers can put series of Instream ads. There are different layouts of YouTube Ads.

  • Homepage Masthead Unit
  • The homepage masthead unit is about 970×250 in pixel-size. Basically, it occupies the full width on the top portion of the YouTube homepage. It could easily be found by YouTube users because it’s just below the navigation bar. This is a great option because YouTube users will not fail to look at your ad.

  • Homepage Expandable Masthead Unit
  • If you are open to spending more money, invest in the expandable homepage masthead. It’s 970×250 in size and occupies the entire width of the homepage. The only difference with the latter is that it’s twice in size. This is where you can include a video and YouTube links to your video. This option allows better brand interaction with YouTube Users.

  • Standard Instream Ads
  • Here’s a little overview ads. Video URL is needed so you must upload a video in YouTube. A click-through URL is also necessary but a companion banner is optional. The companion banner can be a JPG, 300×60 in size and has a file size of 50kb. The companion banner can run for about 30 seconds. Bear in mind that a third-party is served. When it comes to the video ad, it could be linear or pre-fetch. Yes, VAST tags are available but limited. The Instream ads you have could only run with Partner Watch pages you have. For a short video that runs around 10 minutes, you could have an InStream ad that lasts for 15 seconds.

    These are just some options you can choose from. Hold a bit a longer because YouTube is trying out a different style of advertising. Such style allows YouTube users to choose the kind of invideo advertising they want. They could opt for a very long commercial and watch a video without getting interrupted. They could also opt for multiple commercials that appear in different periods of the video.