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Will the Ipad Mini Be Any Good?

There are a lot of rumours circulating all over the internet about the possibility of an ipad mini. As of the moment, Apple is keeping their mouths zip locked about it. Rumour has it that the release will come anytime soon. It may be released by the end of the quarter of 2012. However, it’s just a rumor. Despite the extreme competition among smart devices, people are still eyeing on Apple devices. So, no matter how many people buy Smart devices from other companies. Ipad would still be the ultimate choice for a tablet. Nobody is no longer raving about the i phone.

Why the long wait?

A few years back, Steve Jobs never considered an iPad mini. It was because iPad Nano and iTouch already exists in the market. An iPad Mini would just be a redundant product of Apple. Back then, Apple said there was no need for a mini version of an iPad for the market. Now, it appears that they are eating their words. The speculation seems so strong. However, there’s still slim information over the air. Nobody knows the design of the iPad mini. Some people speculate that it’s going to be the simplest design of an I pad. It is said to resolve all the issues occurring in the latest iPad. Such mobile issues include apps compatibility and extreme consumption of power supply.

How does it look like?

Nobody knows anything about the iPad mini. Nobody knows how it looks like. They’re all rumours. It has been greatly described as a tablet which is 7 to 9 inches in length. The display is quite stylish and even has high sensitive touch screen. The smart device is said to contain an 8mp camera boasting of its high resolution. There are a lot of high hopes for this device. Companies like Foxconn and Pegatron are overseeing the production of the iPad mini intensely. However, they could not pinpoint exact details. Similar to that of the latest version of iPhone, nobody knows exactly what the iPhone 5 looks like. Any release mentioned in the internet would remain a rumour. Apple has never released any official statement regarding the up and coming iPad. Everyone is still clueless about it. Nobody is telling anything exact about the iPad. Apple remains to stay mum about it. Consumers would just have to wait for its release.

Reactions on the Release of iPad Mini.

Avid fans of Apple devices are increasing in number. The wait can be intense for them and at the same time stressful. Most i pad fans could feel the stress because they have to wait for a long period of time. Rumour has it that it would precisely introduced to the market on October 10, 2012. Once again, the actual launch of the iPad mini still needs to be verified. However, one thing is for sure. Media houses get exclusive invite through email. Consumers like you have to wait for it. You would have the same anticipation as that about the i Phone.