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Apple Comments on iPhone 5 Lens Flare Issue

Tech giant Apple has commented on the issue of purplish lens flare hounding its iPhone 5 by acknowledging that the problem can happen in most small camera, including those of the iPhone.

When the iPhone5 was released last month, some users began complaining about a purple flare or haze that appears when photographing something near a source of bright light. The issue was initially mentioned on a tech review site, with a forum user posting different images showing a purple haze. The forum user noted that the issue was also noticed on other iPhones, including those issued by Verizon and AT&T.

The problem happens when the iPhone 5 is aimed near a bright light. It can also happen when the phone is aimed near LED lighting, computer screens and florescent lighting.

The issue was even discussed by Jim Fisher of who noted that the predecessor of the iPhone5, the iPhone4S, was effective in limiting the reproduction of the flare due to various light sources.

Tech bloggers were also speculating that the issue could have been caused by software glitch or even the Sapphire Crystal lens of the iPhone 5, as espoused by Fisher. According to him, the cause may likely be due to the design of the lens and the coatings utilized in the construction of the iPhone. He also speculated that Apple may have used a completely different coating for thee iPhone 5, or that the coating is not compatible with the sapphire material.

But according to Apple, iPhone 5 users can get around the problem by holding the phone the right way.

In a statement, the company said that lens flare occurs when a source of light is positioned at an angle that results to a reflection off surfaces inside the camera module and camera sensor. It advised iPhone 5 users to move the camera away from a bright light source, or shield the lens using their hands.

Slow Wifi Connectivity Issue Upsets Apple’s iOS

Apparently, Apple’s promise of high speed wifi connectivity was not realized in iOS 6.

This is not the first time that a new device or operating system from Apple suffered from wireless connectivity issues. However, the release of the iPhone 5 worsened the situation as millions of consumers are already using the latest generation of the iPhone. Add to this the older devices users that plan to upgrade. Based on reports, 40 percent of iPad and 60 percent of iPhone owners are upgrading to iOS 6.


The recent issue has resulted to many forum discussions regarding the connectivity problems of the new OS. Currently, at least two major threads from Apple Support Communities are discussing about the issue. So far, the two threads resulted to 150 pages and still counting. There are forum members that aired problems about their iPhone 5 and Retina iPad run with iOS 6.

Another thread discusses connectivity issues related to Netgear routers and iOS 6. Some consumers said that they have to downgrade the firmware for them to get their Retina iPad and iPhone 5 work on a Netgear wifi router. Though the solution worked not many are aware of it. Add to that the fact that it is kind of odd. Moreover, there are also other issues that popped out in the numerous forums. One is the constant and persistent slow connectivity speeds, which is totally different from failure to connect.


Amid all these, Apple has remained silent. Though the technical support team has knowledge about the matter, the company is yet to release an official statement. Apple can only come up with a solution after the documentation which is the job of the tech support.

At the moment, iPhone 5 users are clueless about what to expect. Fact is, CEO Tim Cook was prompted to give an apology when the Apple Maps was slammed.

iPhone 5 Users Complain About Scratches and Chips Arise Following the Release of Apple’s Newest Smartphone

On September 21, 2012, Apple fans rejoiced and lined-up for the anticipated release of iPhone’s newest product, the iPhone 5. However, what was supposed to be a rewarding and joyous moment for most buyers was turned into disappointed sighs when they opened their boxes of the newest iPhone model. After months of waiting and hours of queuing outside iPhone stores, what they got from the box frustrated most iPhone fans. News spread fast as iPhone 5 users complain about scratches and chips on their newly-bought smartphones. Over the weekend following the release of Apple’s newest smartphone, the virtual world was filled with rants and complaints from their customers.

Scratches and chips reveal slate coating

Issues surrounding the physical qualities of the newest smartphone version were mostly related to the scratches and nicks that were either the result of factory defects or after a short period of use. According to several posts, it seems that the scratches, although minor, were actually all over the body of the iPhone that they received. One user commented that the antenna markers were scratched while another described how the lower back side of the glass screen showed several scratches after the phone was taken out of the box.

While some may have opened their boxes of iPhones without any signs of physical defects, the problem came shortly after days of use. Virtual forum, bulletin boards, social networking sites and even YouTube bear witness as more and more iPhone 5 users complain about scratches and chips on the aluminum case of their phone. Many fear that with these “defect” issues about the iPhone as early as now, their expensive gadget might show signs of extreme wear and tear after weeks of use. Indeed, iPhone’s main advantage of providing sleek and shiny-looking phones was quite defeated with the susceptibility of their newest phone, which makes quite a big difference especially for those who supported iPhone during its earliest release.

Areas of concern

It seems that iPhone 5 users complain about scratches and chips on specific areas of the newest smartphone. Chips and nicks were more identifiable in areas such as the one near the lower part of the glass case between the joint of the screen and the handset and on the antenna markers of the phone. One user remarked that the anodized coating of the newest iPhone is quite softer than the older models and that there is a huge possibility that more chipping might take place over time. According to several complaints, the scratch-defect problems about the iPhone were limited to the black version of the product, although there is a high probability that the scratches were just more visible on the black phones compared to the white models

Apple’s Response to Users’ Complaints

A week after the release of the newest iPhone, Apple still hasn’t responded to the growing concerns regarding iPhone 5 users complain about scratches and chips of their latest product. Apple’s Senior Marketing Vice President Phil Schiller addressed the scratch issue stating that what happened with the aluminum coating was actually “normal” to any silver product. However, no official statement is issued from Apple. In order to address the complaints from their consumers, the company provided free plastic bumpers included in the purchase of the iPhone.