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The Importance of Technology in Achieving Business Growth

During the latter part of the 20th century up to the present, the world has witnessed a rapid change in the management and operation of various business industries. This has become possible due to the continuous development of technologies that contribute in the faster and mass production of output. Technological innovations greatly contributed in the service industry. As a result, it is now easier for businesses of various sizes and financial capabilities to achieve growth. Suffice to say, the importance of technology in running a business is undeniable.

Concretely, what is the impact of technology in terms of business growth? When there is a new technology, how can it be utilized and how does it affect the different business aspects such as marketing and productivity?

Emergence of Different Media and Advanced Tools for Marketing

The technology importance in business growth has been recognized decades ago. Business companies and corporations maximize the different media such as television, radio and print to promote their products and services. This helps them to increase their sales and revenues significantly. However, they have to shell out large sums of money. As a result, small to medium-sized businesses find it hard to compete with large sized ones. In this case, the importance of technology is not yet fully appreciated by less financially capable business entities.

However, when the Internet was invented it somehow leveled the playing field for businesses in terms of competition in the market. In particular, the IT technology has given them access to a lot of information that are vital to their operation and growth. Technological tools such as the VoIP phone system has allowed small market players to promote their business without spending too much. Many VoIP services such as the toll-free and vanity numbers have given them the power to attract more clients and earn their trust and loyalty. With the emergence of IT and its accessibility, the importance of technology has now become fully appreciated by small market players.

Invention of Advanced Technologies for Higher Rate of Production and Productivity

The technology importance is also manifested in terms of increasing the rate of production. During the Industrial Revolution era, the Spinning Jenny and steam turbine were invented and have greatly helped businesses in increasing the number of products that they can produce. Since then, the need for more advanced technologies has resulted to the invention of machines and equipment. In the 1980s, the computer was invented and has immensely changed the pace of development as well as market competition. This impact of technology has given businesses the opportunity to strengthen their companies. Moreover, the importance of technology has become more indispensable when other inventions such as the Internet have become very accessible all over the world.

Another new technology, the mobile communication, has also made connectivity possible 24/7. In particular, businesses today use smartphones or tablets so that they can still do business even outside the office. Combined with IT technology, they can easily broadcast information about their existence and about their products and services.

Very clearly, technology is a major influencing factor in the growth of any business. Thus, the importance of technology should be valued and should be used for the good of the people.

The Impact of Technology on Business Advertising

Advertising is one of the most vital business aspects that should be addressed seriously. By employing a well thought out strategy, businesses can secure their reputable presence in the market. Though there are many factors that can be considered in assessing the effectiveness of strategies that promote a business, it is noteworthy to recognize the impact of technology on business advertising. On the other hand, technology is not just a factor but it is also an effective tool for advertising. Before businesses know it, there is already a new product of technology that can be optimized in promoting products or services.

Objectively, how is the impact of technology manifested and realized in various business industries? What difference has the IT technology made in so far as market competition is concerned? How should businesses treat technology importance in creating a more sophisticated advertising strategy?

Advertising before the Information Age

The print media can be considered as the first widely used method of advertising. When the printing press was invented, it was used by businesses to broadcast information about their products or services. It can be fairly said that the invention of the printing press has made business owners realize what the impact of technology on business advertising is.

Then there was the invention of radio, which also became a valuable tool for advertising. Compared to print advertisements, it has wider reach and does not require people to spend time reading. They just need to listen. Moreover, it has various rooms for creativity. Businesses can use jingles or dialogues to promote a product.

After the radio, a new technology form, which was popularized as the television, was invented. With it, the impact of technology became monumental. Businesses took advantage of the visually appealing commercial advertisements. With such, the way businesses appreciated technology importance has changed. They began to allocate a relatively huge percentage of their capital for TV advertisements.

With these inventions, the impact of technology on business advertising has greatly changed the capabilities of businesses in terms of increasing sales and raking in revenues.

Sophisticated Advertising with Internet

The invention of the Internet has dramatically influenced the advertising community. It also has a liberating impact as small market players acquired the capability to compete with large ones without worrying about their financial and economic status. How is that possible? The IT technology has made it possible for anyone to access almost any type of information. So, even if a small-sized business cannot afford an expensive TV advertisement, the search engines would allow potential clients to find them.

With the Internet, there are now many ways with which any business can do affordable and effective advertising. Some of these are blogging, creation of website, and maximization of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With these sophisticated methods of advertising, businesses particularly the less financially capable ones have realized the technology importance in strengthening their companies.

Over the years, the impact of technology on business advertising has become more evident. One this is clear, technology is a powerful tool that can be afforded even by the smallest market players.

Technology in Our Life: How It Made Its Way to the Center

There are numerous benefits that can be brought about by technology in our life. Tracing back history, it can be said that humans have the innate desire to discover new things to make life more comfortable. As early as the prehistoric times, there have been efforts to create tools that can be used in the domestication of animals and planting of crops. On the other hand, technology importance for businesses was manifested and to a certain extent emphasized during the age of Industrial Revolution.

In recent history, what is the impact of technology in our life? How has it become an indispensable part of our daily life?

Astonishing Technologies in the 19th Century

After the invention of the steam engine in the 18th century, the 19th century has seen the development of astonishing technologies that brought the quality of life to a new level. In particular, there had been significant developments in the communication, construction and transportation sectors. The concept of steam engine was applied to create the steam boat and railway transportation. The benefits of technology in our life have become more evident with these inventions.

Another novel technology during that time which had a profound effect on the production sector is the incandescent light bulb. As a result, factories were able to implement 2nd and even 3rd shift workers. Obviously, this has exponentially increased the rate of production of businesses.

Rise of Modern Technology in the 20th Century

The 20th century has witnessed the rise of modern technology. There was an increase in spending on research that resulted to more technological advancements. There was a more rapid development in communication and transportation technology. Almost every year, a new kind of technology was being invented. Some of these inventions were radar and sound recording which became the blueprints of fax machine, magnetic storage of data, and telephone. These inventions turned out to be a few of the most significant effects of technology in our life. Distance did not hinder people from communicating with each other as the telephone and fax machine enabled swift and personal connection anytime.

In addition, the latter part of the century welcomed the invention of the Internet. That was the same time when IT technology started to influence the way people communicate and access data.

Effortless Connectivity in the 21st Century

The current century has witnessed the emergence of technologies that were based on the Internet. The technology importance of this powerful and comprehensive tool has resulted to the establishment of Wi-Fi zones. This allowed people to have effortless access to the World Wide Web. People from anywhere in the world can easily connect with each other through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others. There is also the VoIP technology that has resulted to the creation of video conferencing applications such as Skype. The IT technology obviously made it more convenient for people to access and use data. As a result, the impact of technology has reached the point where it feels impossible to live without the aforementioned developments. Moreover, electronics is the main technology that is being developed.

With these developments, it is clear that having technology in our life is an indispensible development that will give way to more developments in the future. The need to make things easier has resulted to the continuous growth in research and technology.