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Two Important Things You Must Do When Fixing Credit Report Errors

Emotions run high, one feels confused and frustrated and before he or she knows it, depression gradually but surely comes calling. Well, like you may have guessed, feeling moody during financial difficulties never help. You have to be a critical thinker and fix things before it is too late to do anything. If you had already noticed errors, the whole credit repair process can be a rough uphill task.

To ensure that the mistake or rather error gets corrected as quickly as possible, you must contact the credit bureau as well as the organization that gave the information to the bureau. These are the main parties that are always responsible for correcting wrong and inaccurate information under the law, precisely under Fair Credit Reporting Act. Since this is a provision under the law, you have nothing to fear. Plus, it touches on your finances which is a very sensitive issue for any other citizen.

Inform credit bureau in writing what kind of information you are certain is inaccurate.

The credit bureau must first investigate what you claim is inaccurate. This will take at least 30 days unless they consider your dispute as an urgent or a frivolous one. Do not use original copies of your documents to support your claim. Simply use copies. Then keep in mind that apart from just your name and address, the letter should also contain.

  • Request for correction or deletion
  • An explanation with facts as you why you dispute the information
  • Clearly identify and distinguish the items you dispute
  • See for sample letters.

Enclosing a copy of your report with the above mentioned items can be in order. You may need someone to help you draft the letter in the appropriate format. Once you have drafted the letter, send it by certified mail and request a return receipt so that you can document that the recipient or rather credit bureau received your correspondence.  Remember to always keep copies of all the dispute letters and enclosures. At this stage, you cannot afford to lose or take anything for granted.

Write to the appropriate creditor and explain to them that you are disputed the information provided in the credit bureau

Once more, you will have to include copies of documents that can support your position. A good number of providers have specific addresses for disputes only. If the provider reports the same information that you dispute again, then it must include the notice of your disputes. Remember to make a special request that the provider should copy on the correspondence that they send to the bureau.   You will have to be extremely patient as this process normally takes 30 to 90 days.

Check out if you are in state that can allow you to receive free credit reports directly form a credit bureau once you have a registered dispute. This will come in handy in the verification process of the disputes.  Then consult the relevant credit bureau to ensure that you qualify for these services.

The Advantages of Credit Monitoring for Businesses

Companies, big or small, require funding assistance in order to boost their businesses. Access to capital is an important aspect in any business operation. Without funding support, a business won’t be able to expand or to grow its operations.

Credit monitoring, or the act of closely keeping tabs of one’s credit records, is thus very critical given the importance of access to credit especially for businesses. With credit monitoring reports, businessmen can get unlimited access to credit report information and 24/7 monitoring of their credit. It can help them look for signs of identity theft or illegal use of credit cards. Monitoring of credit can also provide businesses with instant notification on whoever is checking their credit report and information on past and current lenders. There are numerous reasons why entrepreneurs should regularly monitor their credit scores. provides more information on credit monitoring services.

Strategic Planning

Entrepreneurs need to know their credit standing so they can plan for their future partnerships and investments. Credit monitoring allows entrepreneurs to understand their credit score, or if they are credit-worthy enough to be given funding requirements by financial institutions. It also puts businessmen in a better position to find someone to partner with or engage in negotiations.  Simply put, credit monitoring helps businessmen to have the confidence and knowledge of where their businesses stand, and be able to capitalize on their credit standings.


Businessmen who are able to monitor their credit reports on a consistent basis would be able to spot and correct mistakes as soon as errors happen. Entrepreneurs are able to quickly dispute errors in their credit reports if they keep tabs of the credit standings of their businesses.  This would help their businesses in the long run, as they can prevent any serious damage to happen to the credit reputation of their firms.

Preventing Fraud

Identity theft is a serious problem that often affects entrepreneurs especially those who don’t closely monitor their credit standings. Businesses can also be victimized by identity theft, as credit card numbers can be stolen by unscrupulous individuals.  However, businessmen can promptly detect and report if someone is illegally misusing their businesses’ credit if they regularly monitor their credit scores.

It’s Practical

While credit monitoring services can be quite costly for businesses, it is still a practical investment considering that it helps in improving a firm’s credit rating and saving a company thousands of dollars yearly, or even more money in decades. See Creditmonitoringsearch: credit monitoring services for more details.

Getting Rid of the Mouse- Opening Links by Typing

Computer ninjas and keyboard experts absolutely dread the use of the mouse. Getting their hands off the keyboard is the last thing they would want to do. That’s why such kind of individuals should try Dead Mouse. It’s a Google Chrome extension that gets rid of the mouse.

However, one could still open links to any web page. A person simply has to type a few characters found in the anchor text of the link.
There are so many things you can get from Dead Mouse. You could follow different links simply by typing. Link text can be fuzzy-matched. In addition, you can press two keys to open a new tab. You simply have to press CTRL and Enter together.

Tab cycle is also possible with the aid of multiple matching. The latest version of this Google Chrome extension allows you to open a new window. You just have to press the SHIFT and ENTER buttons altogether. Say for example you want to switch to a new tab. You just have to press these buttons altogether: CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Needless to say, the ESC button is also essential. It halts the loading process of a page. That way, Dead Mouse won’t be a hurdle.

Here’s how to install Dead Mouse in your computer:

  • Proceed to the Chrome Web store.
  • Search for Dead Mouse Google chrome extension. Download the extension to your computer.

  • Install the Chrome extension.
  • Dead Mouse should be installed. This will only take a few minutes. Be sure to open your Chrome web browser as well.

  • Start typing.
  • Type several characters to your computer. You will see that the first link on the page will start to shake/wiggle. Press the Enter key so you could follow the link that’s wiggling. You could also press the Shift and Enter key at the same time so you can open the wiggling link in a new tab.

  • Dealing with multiple hyperlinks.
  • When it comes to multiple hyperlinks, you can still use Dead Mouse. You simply have to type the text that could match with the links. You then have to press the Tab key. This helps you run through the matching links. You could also press SHIFT and TAB if you want to run in through in a reverse cycle. If you want to stop the search mode then simply hit the ESC button on your keyboard. Take note that there are no configurations to be done. Also, the Dead Mouse extension may not function well with Twitter or Gmail. These are two sites that have their own shortcut keys.

    How to Avert Chrome from Seizing your RSS Feeds

    As Google Chrome continues to bring useful and incredible features, its users are getting more delighted and their number constantly increases. However, one feature relating to RSS feeds is something many are not pleased with. Rich Site Summary or RSS is a group of site feed formats utilized to broadcast updates like news headlines, blog articles, and even video or audio files.

    Users who try to click on Atom or RSS feed within the latest Google Chrome version experience dismay. If you want to open an XML file, you won’t be able to view the actual content. In place of this, you can access the feed only either through Chrome applications or Google Reader.

    Difficulty in Handling RSS Feeds with Non-Chrome Apps

    Unfortunately, Google Chrome provides no integral choice to switch off the default setting on XML feeds. Aside from that, there is no simple way to configure external application as the default controller for Chrome’s RSS feeds. This is if you utilize a reader for RSS feeds that is not a Chrome application such as Microsoft Outlook or FeedDemon.

    A lot of Chrome users are not very much pleased with such new feature of the web browser. And among those who aren’t too happy with this change is the RSS feeds inventor himself, Dave Winer.

    Overriding Google Chrome’s Default Behavior

    There are actually some things you can do in order to override such default setting:

  • Set up a Feed Intent and configure it as your browser’s RSS Feeds default handler. This is if you wish Google Chrome to provide the XML feeds.
  • You may also copy and then paste any RSS feed URL in the browser’s address bar, but change the http:// with feed:// in the URL. You can apply this is you want to make a subscription to news feeds in a desktop RSS reader. Google Chrome will then display the feed in the external related software.
  • Getting an RSS subscription add on and setting it to utilize the other reader is another method you can do if you wish to register to RSS feeds in a new online reader that isn’t ready as a Chrome application.
  • If you want to know the XML file source code even without a reader, use Internet Explorer. This browser provides raw XML files as they are, though syntax formats and colors are still present.

    Added Pointer for Users

    For users or bloggers who often syndicate their RSS feeds using Feedburner, here’s something you can do. From your feed’s dashboard, click “Optimize.” From here, select “Browser Friendly” and active it. By then, your XML feeds are depicted as HTML page in Chrome.

    Valuable Website for People Taking a Trip by Train in Delhi

    A website that provides updated train departure and arrival status in the railway stations in Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi, and Old Delhi is being maintained by Delhi division of Indian Railways. Though little is known about this site, it is of big help for travelers to monitor real time updates.

    Traveling Around Delhi by Train: An Overview

    If you are planning to travel to Delhi and choose to go by train, there are some things you need to know about the latest Metro train system. Take a look at the following summary:

  • Metro is the name of Delhi’s new train network.
  • Tickets are sold between Rs 8 and Rs 30.
  • Trains operate starting at 6 in the morning until 11 in the evening.
  • The trains run both above and under the ground. Those that operate underground travel every 12 minutes on non-peak hours and every 8 minutes during rush hours. Trains go every 12 minutes during non-peak time, and every 3 minutes on peak hours.
  • To avail of unlimited travel, you can get a special tourist card. However, these can only be used over a short period of time. These cards are sold at Rs 250 for 3 days and Rs 100 for 1 day, but you also need to give a deposit of Rs 50 which shall be reimbursed when you return back the card.
  • An auto ticket system is used by the Metro in which tokens or cards are used and can be bought from the station’s ticket counters.
  • Traveling Expressing to the City Airport

    For travelers who are in a hurry and wish to travel fast from New Delhi to the airport, you can take the special express trip. You can reach Delhi Airport in just 18 minutes. Checking your luggage prior to getting in the train is also possible. This is if you are traveling locally through Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, or Jet Airways.

    Knowing your Train’s Platform Number

    Although the website of Delhi Division of Indian Railways is not that exceptional and at times slow, it offers beneficial information that passengers will know only by phoning the station. The site provides details on precise platform number by which your train shall arrive or depart.

    In case any changes with the train’s platform number are made, worries and panics are prevented. The live information which you can access through the website is surely advantageous for your planning and preparation.

    Sorry to say but the website only offers details for trains departing and arriving in Delhi.

    4 Easy Steps to Create an eBook using Wikipedia Articles

    Through ebook it is now more convenient to read articles. You can bundle numerous articles and format them as ebook which you can read offline. Internet sources such as Wikipedia have made it more convenient to bundle numerous articles. The website has tools that can help you create formatted ebooks. Specifically, you can use the EPUB format when you bundle content from one or several Wikipedia pages.

    What is EPUB?

    EPUB or electronic publication is a standard format of ebook files. It is supported by popular ebook reading devices such as the BeBook, iPhone, IREX Reader, Nook from Barnes & Noble’s, and the Sony Reader. Compared to PDF, EPUB is much better for reading articles offline on ebook readers, mobile phones and tablets. However, it is still more appropriate to use the PDF format when creating print-ready books.

    How to bundle Wikipedia articles to create an eBook?

    You can convert your favorite Wikipedia pages into an ebook in just one minute. Follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Step 1: The first step is to open any Wikipedia page. From the toolbox menu, choose Book creator. It is located in the right sidebar.
  • Step 2: The next step is to browse any Wikipedia page. It can be about your favorite music artist or sci-fi book author. Then, queue the article you chose into your ebook. Do this by clicking the “Add this page to your book” link.
  • Step 3: Alternatively, you have the option to add the linked page to the ebook you are creating without the need to open the page. Do this by hovering the mouse over the internal Wikipedia link. This step allows you to save more time.
  • After clicking on the Wikipedia pages that you like, the last step is to give the ebook a title. Do this by clicking the “Show Book” link. When you are done you can instantly download your newly created ebook in the EPUB format.

    There are many ways to read Wikipedia ebooks. You can use iBooks on your iPad or iPhone. If you are using an Android device, you can read EPUB files by using the free Aldiko Book Reader app. On the other hand, the Amazon Kindle reader cannot read ebooks in EPUB format. There are free tools though that you can use to convert EPUB files into MOBI or PDF format. These are the formats that the Kindle can read. Banned in the Country as Airtel Implements Keyword Filters

    The right to use YouTube shorterners,, has been stopped in India because such URLs are known to have been utilized to spread seditious videos on Facebook and Twitter. The country has demanded these social networking sites to take out pages with offensive, hateful and unpleasant contents. These contents have possibly been exploited to spread out gossips and obnoxious rumors across the nation. As a result, thousands of citizens have actually departed from various cities in the country. However, just recently, Airtel has taken out keyword filters and cleared the domain of

    Sending bulk or more than 5 text messages in a day has also been temporarily banned in the country to control the spreading of the rumors.

    India has Deterred Access to

    After the recent events on the rumor spread in India, a number of pages and sites have been block. However, it is not precisely identified which ones were disallowed in the country. Nonetheless, YouTube’s short domain – – has been banned completely, although the main website is not totally blocked. Despite all these, it has been ordered that all URLs be barred from different Internet service providers. This is for the reason that these shorter links were utilized in spreading and sharing odious and provocative videos in different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    On the other hand, there is still a means to access these blocked URLs. You can easily evade the site prohibition by changing the URL. Simply replace the in the link you want to access with, just like what is shown: [Blocked] [Accessible]

    A Filtering System that Depends on Keyword has been Imposed by Airtel

    Airtel, one of India’s popular internet service providers (ISP), has made a great move to abide with such orders by the court. What they did was to filter out URLs basing on keyword. Websites or web pages having “” in them have all been prohibited to be accessed in the country. And even if “” is placed at the beginning or at the end of the URL, you cannot access such URL.

    If truth behold, publishing any article or blog like this one with in the http post, is not at all possible. Airtel can easily filter keyword-based URLs and ban such in an instant. Instead, making use of youtu.xe prior to hitting the publish button is a way to circumvent the ban.

    Different ISPs in the country have a reputation to reading and complying with court orders in terms of banning sites. In fact, in 2006, several blogs from have been blocked due to commands of Indian court.

    How to Take Useless Websites Out of Your Sight

    The great thing about Google is that they are now keener in recognizing spam websites from search result pages. However, there are still useless websites that manage to bypass through the filters of Google. There’s something you can do about it. You could prevent the not-so-useful sites from appearing in your search result page.

    Make use of the Google search with Global Filter by following these steps.

    • Making a global filter requires you to use Google’s Custom Search. It could be used in all browsers even in your mobile phone. The Google’s Custom Search allows you to search for a smaller batch of sites. You don’t need the entire Internet to search for you want. There’s a little trick here. A reverse configuration can be done. It could get Google’s CSE to search the Internet disregarding the websites you think are a waste of time.
    • You have one option. Let’s say you have blocked websites with the use of the Blocklist add-on provided by Google. Simply click the Blocklist button found in the tool bar of your Google Chrome. Next thing you need to do is to click the “Export” button so you can download all the sites you’ve listed that you’ve blocked.
    • You can also create your own Custom Search Engine. Type the name and description of what you are searching for. Include the sites to search as well as all the commonly used TLDs. For example, say the name you are looking for is Pink Roses. The description should entail that it’s a Google Search excluding useless websites. The sites to search may include TLDs like .com, .net, .org or
    • Once you’re done typing, click on the Next button. This guarantees that you’ve saved all the changes. Test the CSE you have created. Click on the Next button again. This time, click on the “Include more sites” button. This is the time wherein you will write all the useless websites that needs to be blocked by Google. Click on the Exclude Sites button. Then head to the Exclude Sites in Bulk and type in all the domains that needs to be removed by Google. For an easier option, paste all the domains you have in your Blocklist. Be sure to save the changes you’ve made. After that, your Google is now ready and free from spam and useless websites.

    If you want, you could also block the sites in your Google Account. There’s a web dashboard that you can manually block the websites.

    Do You Want To Be The Facebook Ambassador to India?

    India is by far one of the most populated countries in the world. That’s why Facebook has launched the ambassador program. If you have this passion to get people connected to the world then you could be the Facebook India Ambassador. The ambassador program is one approach from Facebook that promotes the use of Facebook in mobile phones.

    Requirements and Qualifications

    Anyone can join this program. The requirements are relatively simple. One doesn’t need to have a degree in information technology or marketing. All you need to do is to promote the use of Facebook in mobile phones. You could start promoting to your friends, family and colleagues. All they have to do is install the Facebook app on their mobile phones. After that, you have to include their mobile phone numbers with Facebook. Gather all the mobile phone numbers you’ve collected and forward it to Facebook India. The person who’s able to pass the maximum amount of conversions is entitled the Facebook Ambassador status.

    Compensation and Functions

    You have to remember that there is no monetary compensation involved. To make it clear, you are not an employee of Facebook. You’re not also considered as an agent or partner of Facebook. However, you have to abide by the policies included in the Agreement. If Facebook tells you to participate in activities that promote Facebook, then do so. It may include working with your school admin to launch a verified page of your school on Facebook. It may also include creating a virtual yearbook in Facebook. You get to upload class pictures and tag students of your school. In addition, you can create a Facebook Day in your campus. It’s one way of educating the students about using Facebook on their mobile devices.

    Trainings and Materials

    You won’t go into the battle empty-handed. Facebook will provide the training for you. You are given materials to review on. All you have to do is to comply with the given instructions.

    Rights and Rules

    Take note, you don’t identify yourself as the Facebook India Ambassador not unless you get a written authorization. Issuing press releases and using Facebook Marks are not permitted. Nevertheless, you are not given any rights to the training materials provided.
    When it comes to confidentiality, Facebook is very keen about it. You are not allowed to disclose and Proprietary Information not unless you are given a written authorization. Proprietary Information includes communication between you and Facebook in any kind of media.
    Getting the title as the Facebook India Ambassador is exciting. There’s no reason why you should pass up on such opportunity.

    Top 3 Email Providers- Are They Growing?

    It is an undeniable fact that the top three email providers would have to be Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. These are the most popular web based email services widely used all over the world. But which web based email provider is the top performer?

    MailChimp and Email Statistics

    Billions of emails are sent every single day. Email traffic is relatively high. Email traffic is now analysed by a company named MailChimp. Such email marketing company sends over 3 billion email messages in a single month. The company pretty much has an idea as to which email services people opt to use. MailChimp is basing their stats on the email account used by individuals when they subscribe in various mailing lists.

    How MailChimp works

    Basically, MailChimp gathers data from different web domains. They assess all of the outgoing email traffic each month. Most of the results provide good indicators that email providers produce a relative pattern of growth. The double opt-in is utilized before they put any email address to their database. It indicates whether or not the email address is presently active.

    Gmail as the Leading Email Provider

    Since January 2012, it clearly shows that Gmail is widely used as an email provider. Their growth pattern is relatively high. From 400 billion emails sent out in January, Gmail has managed to increase their email traffic to 540 billion emails by July 2012. The other two contenders would have to be Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Yahoo Mail coming in second has about 420 billion emails sent out in July 2012. On the other hand, Hotmail has about 380 billion emails sent out in the month of July. Indeed, Gmail is the fast growing email provider. The results provided by MailChimp do not include address from Google Apps.

    Outlook to Rise in Popularity Due to Its Comprehensive

    Hotmail may come in third place but their growth may spurt up in a few months’ time. Launching Outlook may reverse the decline in use of their email services. There are so many features offered in Outlook. One is provided with unlimited storage space. It’s one feature that isn’t available in other email providers. Some service providers only offer about 10 GB storage space for users with free accounts. Also, Outlook provides easy retrieval of deleted messages even if you permanently emptied your Trash folder. These are just some features one could enjoy with Outlook.