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The Rise of Windows 8: A Quick Glance at the Newest MS OS

Microsoft continues to build up the excitement for the upcoming windows 8 preview. The executive team even considered it as the gateway to a renewed Microsoft era. It has undergone a major overhaul to witness a touchpad for personal computers and touchscreen devices such as tablets. The interface is said to be created around convenience. It’s a guarantee that it creates a unified interface accessible for all given smart device. Techie individuals can use their windows phone and transfer to a PC without any hurdle or learning curve.

A Complete Picture

Here’s a windows 8 preview. The latest iOS can run in different devices. It’s not just meant for personal computers and laptops. It has a similar core to that of the Windows 8 tablet. One has to register to Microsoft so he can be able to download windows 8. Never mind the desire to download windows 7. Seamless experience with a lot of possibilities could happen. One advantage of the windows 8 preview is the release of more apps. Now, consumers with an iOS of Windows 8 could enjoy more apps fit according to their lifestyle. There’s too much talk about Windows 8.

Here are top reasons why Windows 8 is what you need.

  • Faster Reboot and Sleep Recovery
  • Windows 7 has a lengthy boot up and same goes for Vista. With Windows 8, all the other versions of Windows operating system will be pre-historic. The need to download windows 8 is extremely imperative. A lot of improvements have been made. According to several techie business owners, the upcoming version will cater to their needs.

  • User Interface Being Streamlined
  • Does that kind of feature exist in other kinds of OS? Definitely not. Such feature is applicable to users of a Windows 7 phone or anything above such platform. Same goes for users of Windows 8 tablet/ touchpad. However, if a person wants to settle with the current desktop look, it can be done. Windows is all about customization.

  • Hardware Replacement Is Unnecessary
  • With the windows 8 preview, caveat does exist here. The latest OS is ideal for the Windows 7 platform or anything above it. Hardware issues are minimal for that matter. Any device existing for more than 5 years needs an early retirement or a major overhaul.

  • Apps are available
  • There’s an app store for Windows users. Microsoft allows the download of apps from the app store. It’s possible once the OS is rolled out. Most of the apps are industry-specific. This means, it could greatly benefit small and medium scaled businesses.

  • Existence of Cloud-based systems
  • Cloud-based applications are one of the most useful apps for entrepreneurs and working individuals. Now, this kind of application is no longer limited to a specific company. Windows have managed to collaborate with Office 365 and SkyDrive so that people can use Cloud in their Windows.

  • Numerous features
  • Think of these things. There’s support for USB 3.0, simultaneous apps running and swapping with elegance. There’s also the fluid snap. There are so many features shown on windows 8 preview that you would surely appreciate.

    Windows 8 Preview: A Sneak Peak to the Latest Version for Touchpad Interface Devices

    Before the year ends, Microsoft will be releasing its latest version of Windows – the Windows 8. It will soon replace Windows 7 that has a record sale of 520 million copies to date. Unlike earlier versions, it is designed to work on both traditional PCs, tablets and other touchpad devices. Aside from these, what are the things that you need to know about the new software? Is it better than the earlier versions? Is it worth your money? Well, only you can answer that. And to help you out, here is a Windows 8 preview.

    Exciting Features

    To have an idea of what to expect, let’s start the Windows 8 preview with the exciting features. These are aero auto-colorization, built-in PDF reader, cloud services, file download confirmation, and Windows live integration.

    • Aero auto-colorization. Changing the colors of your Windows theme is fun. You can easily do that by setting Aero and the colors will change automatically.
    • Built-in PDF reader. With this feature, you can read PDF files even without downloading and installing Adobe Reader. The Modern Reader is already included when you download Windows.
    • Cloud services. It allows you to access cloud services as the Windows 8 Explorer is integrated with cloud. In addition, you can use the online storage space SkyDrive for your files.
    • File download confirmation. You can confirm if a file is safely downloaded with the SmartScreen filter feature. It functions by detecting any malware every time you download files in your touchpad device.
    • Windows live integration. It allows you to log on to Windows 8 computer by using your Windows live account. So, you better download Windows if you want to take advantage of this feature.

    New Interface

    In this Windows 8 preview, we will also give you an idea about the new interface. One thing is sure: the new Windows can be downloaded and installed in tablet computers and other similar devices such as iPhone, iPod, iTouch or Android. How is that possible? Well, it’s simple. An interface especially designed for touchpads is included in the software of Windows 8. The interface, which is also called Metro, is geared to challenge Apple and Google in so far as the tablet category is concerned. Apparently, it is ready for the competition based on its advanced capabilities. The interface is actually an advanced version of Windows 7. It has a striking similarity to the Windows Phone platform of Microsoft. A home screen, which is completely customizable, replaces the Start menu.

    These are just some of the interesting facts about the new version. There will be more of the Windows 8 preview as the release date comes nearer.