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Do You Want To Be The Facebook Ambassador to India?

India is by far one of the most populated countries in the world. That’s why Facebook has launched the ambassador program. If you have this passion to get people connected to the world then you could be the Facebook India Ambassador. The ambassador program is one approach from Facebook that promotes the use of Facebook in mobile phones.

Requirements and Qualifications

Anyone can join this program. The requirements are relatively simple. One doesn’t need to have a degree in information technology or marketing. All you need to do is to promote the use of Facebook in mobile phones. You could start promoting to your friends, family and colleagues. All they have to do is install the Facebook app on their mobile phones. After that, you have to include their mobile phone numbers with Facebook. Gather all the mobile phone numbers you’ve collected and forward it to Facebook India. The person who’s able to pass the maximum amount of conversions is entitled the Facebook Ambassador status.

Compensation and Functions

You have to remember that there is no monetary compensation involved. To make it clear, you are not an employee of Facebook. You’re not also considered as an agent or partner of Facebook. However, you have to abide by the policies included in the Agreement. If Facebook tells you to participate in activities that promote Facebook, then do so. It may include working with your school admin to launch a verified page of your school on Facebook. It may also include creating a virtual yearbook in Facebook. You get to upload class pictures and tag students of your school. In addition, you can create a Facebook Day in your campus. It’s one way of educating the students about using Facebook on their mobile devices.

Trainings and Materials

You won’t go into the battle empty-handed. Facebook will provide the training for you. You are given materials to review on. All you have to do is to comply with the given instructions.

Rights and Rules

Take note, you don’t identify yourself as the Facebook India Ambassador not unless you get a written authorization. Issuing press releases and using Facebook Marks are not permitted. Nevertheless, you are not given any rights to the training materials provided.
When it comes to confidentiality, Facebook is very keen about it. You are not allowed to disclose and Proprietary Information not unless you are given a written authorization. Proprietary Information includes communication between you and Facebook in any kind of media.
Getting the title as the Facebook India Ambassador is exciting. There’s no reason why you should pass up on such opportunity.

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