Embarking Starbucks Passbook by this Month’s End

According to reports, Starbucks will release an application compatible to the Passbook of iOS 6 by this week. This Starbucks app is one of the first applications to be presented when Passbook was introduced last June.

Passbook App Offering Convenience to Coffee Lovers

Starbucks didn’t previously integrate Passbook for the reward card, which surprised a number of consumers. However, with the recent announcement from its official Tweeter account, their update will come by the end of September.

Very soon, paying coffee through this application is so likely if you own a rewards card while still earning rewards points. Thus, if you are updated to iOS 6, availing a passbook maker provides convenience and a number of advantages.

Top Companies Supporting the New iOS 6 Application

Other companies like Target, American Airlines, Walgreens, Ticketmaster, United Airlines, Sephora to Go, Lufthansa, Live Nation, and Fandango have already integrated this iOS app into their system. In addition to this, even without a paper ticket, you can watch an MLB game through this app. And in the near future, more and more companies are expected to include Passbook. And this means that paper tickets, cards, and passes will no longer be necessary.

Why Starbucks Buffs will Surely Love this Update

Passbook is Apple’s approach towards virtual wallet. From an iOS device like your iPhone and iPod, you can easily store cards and passes. And coffee junkies would surely love this new app as they will earn rewards along with paying for their drinks. This comes to light when the update for Starbucks passbook maker comes out at the end of this month.

This new application of Apple allows you to keep passes, loyalty cards, retail coupons, movie tickets, and many others on your iPod or iPhone. Another amazing thing about this is that passes can be visible on your phone’s lock screen and these are made geo-fenced. Hence, it means that once you get inside a Starbucks store, your Starbucks passes automatically comes into view from your phone.

It is quite interesting that Starbucks doesn’t have integration to this application since Apple first directed Passbook to the Starbucks app in their application store. Though the individual iOS application from the App store is not necessary for this app’s integration, it is expected that many other famous companies will include passbook integration by means of their existing applications.

In the recent weeks, the famous coffee store has been mobile savvy. And now with the Passbook coming by this month’s end, it will be easier to earn rewards if you own a Starbucks rewards card.

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