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Follow a 2-Step Authentication Process and Protect your Dropbox Account

Dropbox as One of Today’s Most Popular Cloud Storage Systems

An increasing number of people are utilizing Dropbox, which enables them to store files in the internet and share these to anyone. This service of storing files and folders makes use of a cloud technology. And synchronization of files makes it possible to share these. However, security issues have cropped up which led the cloud storage company to create measures for users to secure their accounts.

File Security with a 2-Step Verification Process

In the past, Dropbox has encountered significant cases of safety problems. And the most recent one involves accounts getting accessed as passwords and usernames were stolen. And because of this, the company made way through a two-step verification process to safeguard their users’ accounts. Thus, if you are a Dropbox user, this is something you should know.

By carrying out these two vital steps, you can protect your account from any intruder. In fact, one will need more than your username or password before he or she can gain entry to the files and documents saved in your Dropbox account. The new 2-process authentication is just the same with the verification process implemented by Google.

Using Your Smartphone or Mobile Phone

You have the option to use the Authenticator application or receive a code through your mobile phone. If you choose to utilize the authenticator app, then you first have to download it and produce the security codes through your smart phone. On the other hand, if you wish to use your mobile phone, then you will only have to entire your phone number to be able to receive the 6-digit codes through SMS.

How to Secure Your Files in Dropbox

To start off, you first have to enable the two-phase authentication process on your account’s security page, which can be found at the right lower part. Simply follow through the instructions to incorporate your mobile phone number or your smart phone with the security selection. You shall also be given with a backing up code which you needed to print out for safe keeping. In case you misplaced your phone, this backup code is required so you can access your account without having to deal with the security setup.

You may then download the new installers for Dropbox that are available for Linux, Mac or Windows once you have activated the 2-step verification to protect your account. Though no new functions are yet available, you can find assistance to enable the 2-step authentication.

For those who have installed Dropbox application into their tablet PCs, smart phones, or mobile phones, it is advised to unlink your account from these devices. The next time you log on to your account through any of these devices, you will have to enter the 6-digit security code. Likewise, whenever your account logs in to a new device, a notification is sent to your email address.

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