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Getting Rid of the Mouse- Opening Links by Typing

Computer ninjas and keyboard experts absolutely dread the use of the mouse. Getting their hands off the keyboard is the last thing they would want to do. That’s why such kind of individuals should try Dead Mouse. It’s a Google Chrome extension that gets rid of the mouse.

However, one could still open links to any web page. A person simply has to type a few characters found in the anchor text of the link.
There are so many things you can get from Dead Mouse. You could follow different links simply by typing. Link text can be fuzzy-matched. In addition, you can press two keys to open a new tab. You simply have to press CTRL and Enter together.

Tab cycle is also possible with the aid of multiple matching. The latest version of this Google Chrome extension allows you to open a new window. You just have to press the SHIFT and ENTER buttons altogether. Say for example you want to switch to a new tab. You just have to press these buttons altogether: CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Needless to say, the ESC button is also essential. It halts the loading process of a page. That way, Dead Mouse won’t be a hurdle.

Here’s how to install Dead Mouse in your computer:

  • Proceed to the Chrome Web store.
  • Search for Dead Mouse Google chrome extension. Download the extension to your computer.

  • Install the Chrome extension.
  • Dead Mouse should be installed. This will only take a few minutes. Be sure to open your Chrome web browser as well.

  • Start typing.
  • Type several characters to your computer. You will see that the first link on the page will start to shake/wiggle. Press the Enter key so you could follow the link that’s wiggling. You could also press the Shift and Enter key at the same time so you can open the wiggling link in a new tab.

  • Dealing with multiple hyperlinks.
  • When it comes to multiple hyperlinks, you can still use Dead Mouse. You simply have to type the text that could match with the links. You then have to press the Tab key. This helps you run through the matching links. You could also press SHIFT and TAB if you want to run in through in a reverse cycle. If you want to stop the search mode then simply hit the ESC button on your keyboard. Take note that there are no configurations to be done. Also, the Dead Mouse extension may not function well with Twitter or Gmail. These are two sites that have their own shortcut keys.

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