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Handy Clients Used to Easily Upload Files to Glacier

One of the sought-after cloud computing and online backup services is Amazon Glacier. And with the increasing demand for this, its developers are constantly devising clients/tools so users can swiftly upload their files into the vaults from their own computer system. To better understand this system of online storage that supports personal and business operations, here are some terminologies you should learn:

  • Vaults – In the cloud computing industry, this is the term for the primary folder where you get to save your files and docs. You can have as many vaults as you want for an enhanced file management in your Glacier account.
  • Region – This is similar to a physical data hub where you would want amazon web service to save your files. The cost of availing data hub service in the US eastern region is relatively lesser than that of Japan’s capital. Knowing this helps you select the suitable Glacier Vault region.
  • Archives – It is the term used to define the things stored in your vaults. It is possible to zip in several folders and files from your device then upload them at once on your vault as a standalone archive. For better protection, encrypt your files before uploading.
  • The Tools of Amazon Glacier

    If you want to have an account in Amazon Glacier cloud computing service, a credit card might be necessary. This is for you to complete the initial signup process but will not be charged right away. After that, you need to produce private “Access Keys.”After entering all the required details, learning the different tools/clients of Amazon Glacier comes next.

  • Glacier Uploader – For this tool to function, a JRE must be available on your computer. As a Java-based tool, it functions well on Linux, Windows, and Mac devices.
  • CloudBerry Backup – If you wish to own a tool that can give backing to your files periodically, then this is the best option. Besides the amazon web service, this can be utilized to support files on Microsoft Azure, Google Store and Amazon S3. Also, doing backup tasks can be done fast and easy through its wizard technique.
  • Fast Glacier – As the first cloud computing tool of Amazon Glacier, this became a sensation although it can only support Windows machines. With its new update, users can now carry out multi part uploads. This includes a simple UI which enables you to upload entire folders or single files.
  • Cloud Gates – Though not entirely a client, you can access and utilize Amazon Glacier from any FTP program through Cloud Gates. It can convert Amazon S3 and Glacier storage into FTP software. Thus, you can as well setup Mac Finder or Windows Explorer as another drive and easily drag and drop your files. Always remember that after you have uploaded files to Amazon Glacier, you cannot instantly access these from AWS devices. It can take a few hours before you can view these. And this is intended for documents and files that are not often needed.
  • S3 Explorer – For Windows user, this tool is one of the well-liked among the Amazon S3 clients. And this can now back up Amazon Glacier. Just with a simple drag and drop tecnique, you can instantly duplicate files from your vaults to your computer and vice versa.
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