National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes

Important Notes

  • The EAPSI applicant is referred to as a "Principal Investigator" (PI) and must first register as an individual researcher on the NSF FastLane system.
  • Unlike standard proposals to NSF, EAPSI proposals are submitted directly to NSF without going through your university. In the EAPSI FastLane application process, as the person submitting the proposal, you are also identified as the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR).
  • All proposal materials must be submitted via FastLane by the deadline. Materials sent via other means to NSF will not be reviewed, considered, or accepted.
  • All page limits indicated within the program solicitation include images, figures, graphics, tables, etc. Proposals that do not conform to the requirements will be returned without review.
  • In addition to the Program Solicitation, read the Grant Proposal Guide, as it pertains to all NSF Proposals.

How to Apply Guide

For step-by-step instructions, see the 2011 Application Guide.

Proposal Components/Checklist


        a.    Cover Sheet:

You must first complete all fields in the cover sheet. Check that your name and address are correct. Select the EAPSI program solicitation from the list shown.

        b.    Application Form:

•    You are required to submit the Application Form. Please enter all information COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY.
•    List up to three (3) locations (Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, or Taiwan) and up to three potential host researchers (one per location) in order of preference.
•    Include up to three (3) keywords describing your proposed research area and/or field of study. At least one of the keywords should be selected from Appendix X found in the solicitation.
•    Provide a succinct and clear title that indicates to NSF reviewers the specific focus of your proposed research.
•    In order of preference, identify the foreign host researcher(s) and institution(s) by name, and provide contact information (including email addresses).
•    Indicate your citizenship status (U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident)
•    Applicants are required to obtain an invitation or acceptance (an email is sufficient) from host researcher(s). Student-Host correspondence must be placed in the "Supplementary Docs" section, and submitted via FastLane as part of your proposal by the application deadline.

       c.    Project Summary:

A standard project summary is automatically generated for all EAPSI applications. Do not change this section.

       d.    Project Description: (not to exceed five (5) single spaced pages 

       with   1" (2.5 cm) margins)

•    Include the title of your research.
•    Describe the Intellectual Merit of your proposed research (See Section VI. A. for a complete description of Intellectual Merit).
•    Provide a clear description of hypothesis-driven research question(s) to be addressed, research objectives and methodologies.  The description should be detailed and specific enough to be evaluated by disciplinary experts, yet able to be understood by a scientifically literate layperson outside your field.
•    The proposed research should be achievable within a 6-7 week time frame (8-9 weeks for Japan).
•    Describe the Broader Impacts of the proposed research and of your participation in the Summer Institute (Click here for a complete description of Broader Impacts).
•    List the specific expertise of your proposed host researcher and capability of the host institution (e.g., facilities, data, equipment access). Describe what benefits derive from working with your host on the proposed research topic/project.
•    Describe the expected value of gaining cultural and scientific experience in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore or Taiwan to your future career.
•    Describe your unique qualifications to conduct research in an international setting.
•    List the two individuals who will be writing your Letters of Reference. Include their institution, position, and relationship to you. Identify any potential conflicts-of-interest, e.g. personal or family relations
•    Project Descriptions that exceed the limit of five (5) single space pages will be returned without review. 
•   References must be listed separately and uploaded into the References section on FastLane.

        e. Biographical Sketch (not to exceed two single-spaced pages):

•    Provide a 2-page biographical sketch that includes your acadmic background, past research experience, previous international experience, a list of publications (if any) and/or other pertinenet information (e.g., awards, skills, and abilities) you consider relevant to determining your overall suitability for recieving an EAPSI fellowship.
•   Near the top of the first page, indicate your citizenship status (U.S. citizen or permanent resident), the name and location of the last high school attended, and whether you have previously recieved an EAPSI fellowship.
•   If you are a prio EAPSI Fellow, please indicate the year and location of the Fellowship experience and provide a paragraph on results fo your past EAPSI support.
•   Use of the template for your Biographical Sketch is strongly recommended.
•   The Bio Sketch must be no more than two pages, using Arial, Courier New or Palatino Linotype at a font size of 10 points or larger or Times New Roman at a font size of 11 points or larger, with margins in all directions are at least one inch.

        f.    Two Letters of Recommendation:

You must have two letters of recommendation from faculty members or other senior individuals qualified to comment on your abilities and potential as an EAPSI Fellow.
•    One reference must be from your current research advisor, academic advisor or Department Chair.
•    Reference writers must identify and potential Conflicts-of-interest (e.g. personal and/or family relationship with the applicant.)
•    Do not ask for or include references from proposed foreign host researchers.
•    Your recommendation-letter writers must submit their letters using FastLane (See "Add/Delete Letter of Recommendation Writers" section in your FastLane application).
•    You must list their names in Fastlane before your references can submit their letters.
•    You are responsible for assuring that your references use FastLane to submit their letters by the application deadline.
•    If both letters are not received in FastLane by the deadline, the proposal will be returned without review.

       g.    Supplementary Documents:

ONLY the following supplementary documents are to be submitted electronically via FastLane as part of the application:
•    Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts: Unofficial copies are acceptable. Please be sure the Fall 2010 semester is included on the transcript.
•    A statement from your advisor, the registrar's office, Dean, or Department Chair attesting to your current enrollment in the graduate program.  Email statements with their original headings including senders' email addresses and dates are acceptable.
•    Letter of invitation from potential host researcher(s) stating their intent to host you during the summer, that they have read the research proposal,  and that they have the resources, facilities and equipment to support the proposed research. Email correspondence is acceptable. The template for the Letter of invitation is available here.
•    Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Statement (available here).

•    One-page project synopsis & timeline - Specific description of the activity to be undertaken. The synopsis should be concise and informative. The template for the Project Synopsis and Timeline is available here.

•    If your proposal involves human subjects, include information on Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval.

•    If your proposal involves vertebrate animals subjects, include statement on the Use of Vertebrate Animals, available here.

Questions / Technical Support

For program related questions, please contact the EAPSI Help Desk at:
Telephone: (866) 501-2922

If you are experiencing technical problems with the FastLane module, please contact the FastLane Help Desk for support at:
Telephone: (800) 673-6188  

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