National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes

Templates for the 2011 Application Cycle

Templates are provided to facilitate the review process for both applicant and reviewer, and their use is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

Biographical Sketch Template (not to exceed two pages)

Formats: .docx | .doc | .pdf

Project Synopsis and Timeline (not to exceed one page)

Formats: .docx | .doc | .pdf

Invitation Letter from Potential Host

Formats: .docx | .doc | .pdf

Hosts may add to this letter as they see fit, however the letter must state:

  • Host has read the project description
  • Host is willing to host the student, and
  • Host has the resources, facilities, and equipment to support the proposed research

Forms for the 2011 Application Cycle

      Responsible Conduct of Research

Information about Responsible Conduct of Research is available on the NSF website, available here.

As there is much information, please review the following two documents that are particularly helpful in providing an overview of the general issues regarding responsible conduct of research. These documents are suggested references only, and should not be taken as directly applicable to situations at the host institution. Applicants should look to policies at their home and host institutions for guidance.

Australian Code for Responsible Conduct for Research

European Science Foundation - SPB10 Good Scientific Practice

In the Supplemental Documents section of your application, include a statement that you have read the information on the NSF website, as well as any Responsible Conduct of Research guidelines or documents from both your home institution and potential host institution. Additionally, please list coursework, if any, that you have taken at your home institution regarding Responsible Conduct of Research. Below, please find the template for the Responsible Conduct of Research statement. 

Formats: .doc | .docx | .pdf

       Use of Vertebrate Animals

For applicants using vertabrate animals in your research, you must  read and sign the International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals and include this form in the Supplemental Documents section of your application.

Formats: .doc | .pdf

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