National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes

Application Tips

  1. Be sure you are eligible. Eligibility requirements are listed here.
  2. Plan ahead, start the process early.
  3. Read program announcement thoroughly -
  4. Read the Grant Proposal Guide, which pertains to all NSF proposals, available here.
  5. Identify and choose up to 3 potential host locations in order or preference - selection criteria will vary depending on your personal research interests and other factors.
  6. Adhere to ALL requirements set forth in the solicitation (e.g. formatting guidelines).
  7. Address the NSF merit review criteria in your application - Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.
  8. Address program specific criteria.
  9. Produce a well organized, clearly defined research proposal.
  10. The proposed research should be achievable within a 6-7 week time frame (8-9 weeks for Japan.)
  11. Identify and secure invitation from potential host researcher(s) BEFORE the deadline.
  12. Send your proposal to your potential host researcher(s) VERY EARLY as they must review it prior to submitting a letter of invitation.
  13. Familiarize yourself with the host location's culture, religion, history, economy, and current events.
  14. Read your potential host researcher(s) publications.
  15. Actively communicate with your potential host researcher.
  16. Have mentors, friends, and family critique your application.
  17. Be clear, concise, confident, and truthful - avoid omissions and mistakes.
  18. Choose appropriate/relevant reference writers - follow up with and remind them of the deadline date.
  19. If possible, upload application materials early. The FastLane application module tends to slow down, especially around deadlines.
  20. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  21. Verify materials upload correctly AND are in appropriate place.
  22. Click “Submit” button. A proposal is considered to be submitted and to have met a stated deadline when the "Submit" button is clicked in FastLane.
  23. Ensure application is completely received.
  24. Contact the Help Desk with ANY question you may have.


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