Making the Move to a Different Business Phone System

Communication is one of the most essential elements of a successful business. Any element of communication that is out of sync between the customer and your business can translate into major profit losses. However, it’s a fact that the more complex the company, the more aspects of business phone communications need to be considered. The items that need to be assessed prior to phone system transitioning include:

  • The phone lines – It’s vital that there are enough lines for your employees. However, there are other parts of your business that you need to cover, such a fax machines, credit card readers and, of course, any Internet connections. If a mistake is made when the system is first installed, it can be costly to add additional lines at a later date.
  • Company growth potential – You need to consider the possibility of having to increase your communication potential. This means that you will need to have an idea of how much your company will grow and how your phone system will need to grow in order to accommodate this. Scalability is one of the main selling points when it comes to VoIP.
  • Purchase or lease? – If purchasing a business phone system seems like an unaffordable expense, you may wish to consider leasing. This can be an intermediate step until your business is in a position to make a purchase.
  • Timing is a key factor – You can run into price breaks during certain times of the year. The end of a fiscal quarter can signal a deal that revolves around the introduction of a new model by a business phone company. The phone company may also wish to introduce a spike in their sales numbers at the end of a fiscal quarter.
  • Equipment Compatibility – Check your office equipment compatibility with any new phone equipment prior to its introduction. This will include more than just handsets. It also includes conference equipment, headsets, etc.
  • Research the company – Do not rely on just a sales pitch. Check the company’s references and online reviews. Needless to say, experience is something that you should look for.