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More Tips on How to Earn Credit Points Using Rewards

By now, you must have heard that you can earn more credit points by being smart with how you use your credit rewards. There are so many ways you can do this apart from the common ways people already know of.  If you really want to get the most out of the rewards, consider the following tips.

Make Daily Purchases with Your Credit Cards

This can be the easiest way to earn more rewards. If you always pay everything using your debit or bank card, simply take advantage of the credit card. You may not have noticed it before but some banks like the Bank of America will provide you with a bill pay free of charge. This will allow you to transfer your money from your checking account automatically so as to pay off daily transactions. In the end, you will not accrue interests and you will still earn the points.

Be Keen on Blackout and Expiration Dates

This may sound unfair to some people especially those who only use their cards once in a blue moon and still want to benefit from the rewards. Some programs are strict with their rules and restrictions. They may simply state that you will lose the point you could have accrued after a long period of inactivity, low spending or dormancy on the card itself.   To stay safe, always keep track of you status. Then keep in mind that not all programs are that strict. Up to 60 % of reward programs do not have these blackout and expiration dates.

Keep off Electronics and Gadgets

Think twice before cashing in points. When you want to cash in for a DVD player or an LED TV, take time to think of the repercussions.  You will be surprised once you add up the amount you will have spent for the points earned. It could be more than the actual cost of purchasing it in an electronic store or even triple the amount.

Pay Your Bills

The rule here is simple. If you cannot afford it, do not buy it. It calls for learning to spend within your means. Your credit card is not your friend. It simply pretends to be one by helping you with purchases. If you lose track and allow your monthly interest charges accrue, just a glance at your rewards will remind the amount you will have wasted.

Try to Link Your Programs

Choose a rewards program that can allow you to sign up your existing account to a program that could not have been available when you received the credit card. This might mean that you will have to forfeit some kick backs or free upgrades. However, such programs will give you an opportunity to earn double and sometimes even triple the points just for signing up.

Benefits without Spending

They are scarce but this does not mean that they are not there. Some credit cards are just the golden spoons we all need to be fed with. They simply pay you to drive and all they can ask for after the simple task is a copy of your last oil change receipt which should clearly show the number of miles on your vehicle. Then just like that they send u a check! Citi Drivers Edge card is one such card. If you get other credit card companies like it, seize the opportunity.

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