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Most Effective Amazon Glacier Uploading Tools

If you need a stable and secure storage for data archiving and backup, Amazon Glacier may very well be the least costly storage service for you. The reason for its relatively cheaper rates is the service’s optimized capability to store data that is not accessed frequently and is retrieved over long hours.

Price and Payment

Small or voluminous data can be stored securely with Amazon Glacier for as cheap as $0.01 for each gigabyte every month. This is the most cost-effective data storage option for businesses that spend hefty amounts on data archiving. Also, Amazon Glacier only charges for your actual usage. You can easily upload the amount of data you choose. There is no upfront fee. All you’ll need is a credit card to complete the sign up process.

Additional Features
To make the service even more convenient, developers have created several tools that you can use to easily upload your data into the Amazon Glacier vaults for archiving and backup. These various Amazon Glacier clients are also cost-effective.

  • Glacier Uploader

Requiring JRE on your computer, Glacier Uploader is a Java based client. The “uploader” can also be used for downloading archives. It can be applied on Windows, Mac, and Linux because it works with Java.

  • Fast Glacier

Fast Glacier only uses Windows. It can support the uploading of large files in multi-part uploads. With a convenient UI, it can upload and backup full file folders or individual files. The client is free of charge for personal use. Its commercial license is priced at $29.95.

  • Cloud Migrator

If you need to copy data from one cloud to another, you can use the aptly-named client called Cloud Migrator. This client is very convenient to use if you need to copy files from an FTP server or Amazon S3 to Amazon Glacier. The service comes at zero cost while still at its beta stage, but it can only copy as much as 1 GB of files.

  • Cloudberry Back-up

For constant and consistent backup of files and folders to Amazon Glacier at regular schedules, you can use CloudBerry Backup that can automatically upload to Glacier. The client’s 15-day trial costs $29.99. This uploading tool can also be used to backup files to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Storage.

  • Cloud Gates

Not actually a client, Cloud Gates can upload to Amazon Glacier from an FTP software such as FileZilla or CyberDuck. The tool actually converts your Amazon Glacier or Amazon S3 storage into an FTP server itself which you can access in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer as a separate drive. You can then easily drag and drop your files for uploading. The service can accommodate any file size and is currently for free.

  • Magora

Magora is a simple Amazon Glacier tool for Windows. It cannot upload file folders and can only support file uploading one at a time.

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