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Choosing an Online Fax Service

Our Top 3 Picks:

1. Ringcentral

Reason for pick:
Clean interface, easy to use, includes desktop application. Starts at $6.59 / month after a free 30 day trial. 500 free fax pages, and overage is 6 cents / fax.
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2. Nextiva

Reason for pick:
500 faxes / month starting at just $4.95. Interface not as impressive as Ringcentral or Myfax, however the ease of use and price make up for it. 3 cents overage (cheapest available).
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3. MyFax

Reason for pick:
Popular, won numerous top pick awards. Starts at $10 / month with 10 cents overage.
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Online faxing is also known by the terms; Internet faxing, email faxing and digital faxing. By using this method, you can send and receive faxes over an Internet connection. Thus, fax transmission can use various devices, such as; iPads, PDAs or PCs. You can also use any standard fax machine that utilizes an adapter which allows it to be Internet-accessible. Your online fax service provider will provide the necessary fax transmission software and adapters. Your online fax provider can also offer file management through fax logs and storage.

Considering the different options and file capacities, it’s important to look over the plans carefully and choose one that best meets the requirements of your business.

Sending and Receiving Online Faxes

The elements of online faxing are relatively simple and user-friendly. They consist of:

  • Equipment and/or software setup
  • Establishing a fax phone number
  • Configuring fax management
  • Using applications to send and receive faxes

Setting up your online faxing usually only takes about 5-10 minutes. Instructions for setting up your faxing service are given by your service provider (which also offers setup support). You will then establish your fax account with the service plan that you have selected.

The phone number that you will use can, in many cases, be transferred from your old fax line. This is something that you will want to check into, prior to signing up with a service provider.

One of the main advantages that can be provided by online faxing is its compatibility with various desktop programs. Besides using the service provider’s web-based email application, you can also send faxes through other applications. A good example of this is using your current business and word processing programs to directly send faxes without having to transfer the files to an email application, first.

The Advantages of Faxing Online

There are several advantages when using online faxing for your business. These are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased efficiency
  • Different fax sending options
  • Multiple fax recipients
  • Security
  • Environmentally friendly

When you use online faxing, your company can save money. In most cases, you can obtain a fax service for less than $10 a month. In addition, the only things that are required are an online fax service provider and a device that is used to connect to the Internet. Optional tools may also be used, such as a scanner. This will allow you to subsequently store documents in digital form.

Online faxing also provides a high level of efficiency. With the traditional way of faxing, physically accessing your fax machine is necessary. This can cause concern regarding the condition of the machine, itself. For receiving faxes, supplies (paper and toner) need to be kept on hand. With online faxing, you not only eliminate these issues, but it will afford you the speed and mobility associated with the Internet. For example, faxes can go directly to your email. You can also receive your faxes through a mobile device. You can be notified when you have a fax, waiting to be read, on those same mobile devices. You can even fax internationally.

Traditional faxing methods limit you to a single recipient. Online faxing will allow you to send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time. This can save you, and your company, a tremendous amount of time.

With traditional faxing, a fax containing sensitive information can be lying in the recipient’s office fax machine tray (or read over the recipient’s shoulder). With online faxing, a fax can be sent, via an encrypted email, directly to a specific individual’s email account or mobile device.

Online fax providers also environmentally friendly. This is the result of reducing your company’s use of paper and ink. When you manage your office’s faxing through electronic means, trees (as well as office space) are conserved.  

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