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Passbook for iOS and Mobile Marketing

A lot of people are considering mobile marketing as the next big thing. It has been speculated as the megatrend that could change the whole game of marketing. A business owner like you should get excited about it. It is a different avenue to promote your brand so long as you do it well. You just have to incorporate Passbook for iOS and mobile marketing together. You could never go wrong with this mix.

  • Mobile marketing can be done by SMS marketing.
  • Of course, you need to play it well so your text message won’t be considered as spam. Be aware of the right time to text your customers. It shouldn’t be too early that could wake them up from their sleep or too late to disturb them from their sleep. Do not text on off-hours. Needless to say, your text should come in a perfect timing. Don’t announce a sale three weeks before the actual sale. Send an SMS alert a week ahead.

  • Create a mobile app.
  • Of course, you should make your mobile app accessible by iPhone users. Iphone users are more allured on apps rather than SMS. The mobile app should be interactive and user-friendly. It’s all about giving more attention to your valued customers. You could include some games in your app that allows them to win prizes like discounts and freebies. Nevertheless, it should be an avenue for Passbook for iOS. Get an apps maker to help you create your brand’s mobile app. Remember; it’s all about getting people to appreciate your brand.

  • Come up with coupon codes and passes.
  • Everybody loves a freebie. You can never go wrong with such pass. Say for example you sell makeup products. The pass could contain an irresistible offer. Offer a free lip gloss for every purchase of an eye shadow kit. If you are in a car repair business, you could still offer something. Provide a pass that offers car owners free car check-up on their next visit.

  • Monitor the progress of your mobile marketing campaign.
  • You could give them discounts whenever they save a pass in their Passbook for iOS. It could include a $2 off for purchases made before lunch time. Tally the number of people as to who showed up in your store with your code. If there are a lot of people who showed up, it just goes to show that your marketing strategy actually worked.

  • Improve on marketing schemes that don’t work.
  • If a certain promotional offer doesn’t work, change it. Try to incorporate more things on Passbook for iOS. You could offer mobile payments. They could pay for the maintenance check-up even before they arrive in your car repair shop. You could also offer a reward system. Add a loyalty card in their Passbook Phone app. For every transaction made in your car repair shop, give them points. If they managed to collect certain amount of points, offer something good. It has to be something worthy of giving. You can offer an overhaul for half the price or something like that. Just think outside of the box. You can surely come up with ways on how to improve on your marketing schemes.

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