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Phone Systems for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

A small or a medium sized business may find that making the right business choices for growth and prosperity is a daunting affair at the very least. But, in reality, the choice of the right business phone system can make some of these choices much easier. That’s because the right phone system can keep your costs low while planning for expansion and a more prosperous business future. For a small or medium sized business a VoIP phone system is recommended.  The reasons for this include:

  • Cost of communications can be much lower
  • Cost of operation can be lower
  • Scalability is easier and less expensive
  • Travel Costs are lower

Small and medium businesses can save money with a VoIP phone system. With a transition to a VoIP system, an overall reduction in communication expenses is realized. The main reason for this rests with the fact that VoIP only requires a good broadband connection in order to carry out all of its functions. Savings can be obtained when inter-organization calls are made as well as cell phone calls, long distance calls and not having to purchase multiple dedicated fax machines. You will also save on operating costs when it comes to your sales team. That’s because your sales team can be supported with VoIP Call Center features and CRM Software. This will not only help the team generate sales, but can lower the number of agents that you need for your sales force.

However, as your business grows, you will need to add more employees. This will require greater communication capability. With a POTS (plain old telephone service) system, expansion will require the purchase of phone equipment, service plans and extensions before they may actually be needed. This is detrimental to the cash flow of a newer business. With VoIP, you only purchase what you want, when you want it.

Travel costs are also lower when you save money on long distance mobile calls. This is done through the use of VoIP Softphones. A Softphone is an application that can be downloaded from the Internet. The application can be used on a desktop PC, PDA, laptop or even an employee’s smartphone.

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