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Religious Groups Automate Prayer Chain For Faster Blessings

It’s wonderful to know people are praying for you, especially when you are sick or in a situation that calls for additional blessings. It is the immediacy of prayer that has helped so many people in their time of need. And it is technology that is enabling prayer groups to get prayer requests out quickly. As such, churches of all sizes and denominations, religious groups and ministries are turning to an automated calling service for prayer chains.

Automated Prayer Chain versus Telephone Tree

Voice broadcast for prayer chains offers many benefits that manual telephone tree calling cannot provide, which is why many religious organizations are looking into automating this service. This chart shows some of the advantages of automating prayer requests over manually dialing each number in your prayer circle.

Automated Prayer Chain vs. Manual Telephone Tree

Advantages Automated Prayer Chain Manual Calling
Calls hundreds of phone numbers simultaneously Yes No
Convey message once and it goes out to everyone in prayer chain Yes No
All prayer chain participants get your call within seconds of placing it Yes No
View in real-time whether person or answering machine/voice mail answered your phone message Yes No
Can send a phone call or a text message Yes No

How to Automate Your Prayer Chain

Any type of church or religious organization can turn their manual telephone calling tree into an automated prayer service quickly and inexpensively by following these 5 steps.

1. Select an automated calling service. They can be found by searching the Internet. However, if you don’t have the time to search and are looking for an automated messaging service that specializes in serving the needs of churches and religious organizations, has comprehensive features and is affordable, offers a free, no obligation trial for 30 days so you can try out their automated voice broadcasting service.

2. Import Your Call List. Upload the document file containing the names and phone numbers in your prayer chain. You can also enter names directly into the automated call system and create one main group or different subgroups, depending on your calling needs.

3. Create Your Prayer Chain Message. With an automated prayer chain service that has comprehensive features, you can either record your message over the phone or log in to your account and create a text message or use the text to speech feature.

4. Send Your Daily Prayer Chain Message. Schedule your voice or text message to be sent immediately or at any time of the day.

5. View Who Received Your Message. See in real-time if your message was answered or the line was busy and being redialed. You can also see if your message was answered by an actual person or by an answering machine or voice mail.

Why Your Church Should Automate Its Prayer Chain

People depend on a church to be responsive when they need spiritual guidance. Automated ministry calls allow pastors and other clergy members to communicate prayer requests faster, especially when these situations arise:

  • A prayer request comes in after you called everyone on your prayer chain with the daily prayer requests.
  • Your church has a very long prayer chain and prayer requests often change after the first few calls are made.
  • Your church is the only one in the area with a prayer chain, so you receive requests from all over, as well as through your website.

With automated messaging, churches and other religious organizations can quickly and effortlessly send out voice broadcasts as many times a day as needed because automated calling services include plenty of calling credits in their monthly service plan price. Churches and religious groups with websites can use their online presence to sign-up prayer chain members for their automated prayer chain contact list. If they are located in a different time zone, the automated calling service will automatically adjust for the time differences and send the message accordingly.

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