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School Principals Improve Student Attendance with Automated Calling

One of the essential items middle school and high school students have is a mobile phone. And so do their parents. That’s why schools are going mobile and using automated school messaging to communicate important notifications.

Case studies show that schools see significant improvement in student attendance rates when they send voice broadcasts to parents and students. Through the use of an automated calling system for schools, principals take advantage of Internet-based technology to inexpensively communicate to parents and/or students instantly by phone or text message.

3 Ways Voice Broadcasting Improves School Attendance

Automated school reminders work particularly well in replacing the manual phone calls the principal’s office makes every school day to certain students and their parents. For example, in these three instances, principals use voice broadcasting to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

1. Absent from School Verification – Principals are responsible for ensuring students are showing up to school and present in all classes. Automated calling makes the tedious task more manageable by allowing a school principal to record one message that gets sent out to parents of the students absent from school to verify that parents are aware of the absenteeism. Furthermore, if students reported to school but are missing from a particular class, an automated message can be sent to the student and parent to encourage the student’s return to class and make the parent aware of the skipped class.

2. Tardy Notification – Student tardiness is a growing concern among principals, but by using automated messaging, they can send a phone call or text message to parents that not only portrays their concern, but the importance for students to be at school on time. High school principals report that parents appreciate the automated tardy notification because they are often unaware their teenager, who left the home for school on time, arrived late.

3. Detention Attendance – Principals challenged with students skipping detentions can save time and increase detention attendance rates by sending automated messages the day before and the day of detention to remind students and their parents of the requirement.

Automated calls for schools are also used by principals to remind parents that their students are required to attend Saturday classes, or take a missed exam after school.

The Best Automated Calling System for Schools

Many features of voice broadcasting make it the best automated messaging service for schools. Here are some key features principals find most valuable:

  • No hardware to purchase.
  • No software to install.
  • It’s Internet-based, so creating and scheduling automated school reminders can be done from anywhere at any time.
  • Contact lists from other sources can be easily imported into the automated calling service.
  • Can assign multiple authorized users to access the automated school messaging system.
  • Only need to record one message and it gets sent to parents, students, or both as designated on the contact list.
  • Can easily create subgroups by dragging and dropping contacts into the message distribution list.
  • It tracks the automated calls so principals know who received it and who didn’t.
  • It’s quick and easy to use.

School principals can try automated voice broadcasting for free at Why not start the new school year with a proven system for improving school attendance?

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