Should I Get A VoIP Phone?

Phones that utilize Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology are becoming more popular nowadays. Calls made through a VoIP phone are cheaper since there is no need to go through a telecom firm, essentially eliminating expensive call charges in the process. Aside from the opportunity to make a free call, there are also other compelling reasons why you should get a VoIP phone today.

Save More

You can enjoy huge savings if you use a VoIP phone instead of the old fashioned landline phone. You won’t have to pay on per-minute basis, or get frustrated by outrageously high long distance charges and hidden surcharges. By using VoIP, you can make as many international calls as you like without burning your pockets.

You can also get a lot of savings as VoIP software and hardware is comparatively cheaper than telephone set and cable required by the typical phone network.

Multiple Options

There are numerous options that VoIP provides to users like you- at no extra cost. These options include caller identification, call forwarding and call waiting that are normally charged as an additional service or feature by telecommunication companies. You can also use more advanced options like call blocking, or the use of “away” or “do not disturb” status messages. Other notable options include features such as voicemail, speed dialing, easy management of phone books and contacts and the ability to forward voicemail to email. You can also benefit from directory assistance and access 911 during emergency situations.

More importantly for most users, VoIP technology supports multiple incoming calls. This means that you can speak to multiple callers at the same time. You can also do teleconferencing with a VoIP phone at no added cost.

Wave of the Future

VoIP phone is considered as the future of telecommunications. It will replace the traditional phone several years from now. As the technology becomes better, you can expect more options to be integrated and introduced. You will also get more savings as more companies offer VoIP phones that are more affordable. If you are a business owner with business dealings abroad, you can get substantial savings by making a free call using a VoIP phone. If you have loved ones located in other parts of the globe, you can always make a free call using VoIP technology.

While there are some disadvantages of VoIP such as reliability especially when there is limited Internet connection, it is hard to argue that investing on VoIP-capable phone is a practical move you should make today.

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