Should I get VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a revolutionary technology that allows users to make phone calls for free. Also called Internet Telephony, VoIP was designed to enable individuals to communicate from anywhere in the world. VoIP promises to change the way people communicate with each other, and there are numerous reasons why you should get VoIP now.


VoIP is a more practical option than the good ‘ole phone line, also called as the Packet-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In the old method of making calls, time is of the essence. Users have to pay for every minute they spend on the phone, with international calls costing more. This problem is addressed by VoIP for home or business use, as VoIP only requires broadband Internet connection. This means that VoIP users will only have to pay for their monthly Internet fees- and no longer deal with the high call fees charged by telecommunication companies. Numerous studies have revealed that VoIP for home or business use is 90% cheaper on international calls compared to using a PSTN line.

Another reason why you should get VoIP now is the low cost of hardware and software required by this technology. Aside from a computer and Internet connection, users only need a microphone, speakers and sound card- all of which are cheaper compared to a telephone set required in using a PSTN line. Software programs for VoIP are likewise downloadable from the Internet, with applications like Net2Phone and Skype among the most popular.

Multiple Callers

Traditionally, PSTN line can only support two individuals speaking at the same time. But with VoIP, users can communicate to multiple individuals all at the same time. VoIP for personal and business use enables data packet compression, resulting to the carrier to handle more data simultaneously. This translates to multiple calls handled on a singular line.


Another factor that prompts many people to get VoIP is the portability of the technology. VoIP is not dependent on the location or distance of the user. Calls can be made from any point of the globe, whether the caller is in the United States or in Timbuktu- as long as there is Internet connection. Users don’t have to change VoIP numbers even if they frequently change location. Users can make and receive calls by signing into their VoIP account.

These are just three of the reasons why it really makes sense for you to get VoIP. Indeed, VoIP is a more practical solution for communicating from any part of the world.

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