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Amazon Glacier: The Cheapest Means to Get Backup Online

One of the newest and becomingly popular online backup services providers is Amazon Glacier. This allows you to save files with just a cent per gigabyte in a month. As the most affordable online storage program offered by any cloud service provider, this has also assured an almost hundred percent reliability. This means that all your files and any important document are kept safe at all times within the provider’s data hub. If you have a hard drive containing various files that you want to keep long-lastingly, you only have to pay a yearly due of a little more than ten dollars. And Amazon Glacier will safely keep them for you.

Why Amazon Glacier is the Most Appropriate One for You

The main reasons why people use backup plan through cloud services are due to safekeeping and the ability to access files and data using other computer systems.

With Amazon Glacier, you are permitted to store files and keep them there even for a long time. Once your hard disk failed, you can easily retrieve important data by sending a request to Glacier. After that, in just about 4 hours, you can already download the requested files. Take note that such service is made for online data backing.

How to Utilize the Service

Glacier is a service made available by Amazon for personal or business use, though there is no available software application yet which assists users to move files to the Amazon cloud from their computers. However, it won’t take a very long time before Glacier can be supported by Amazon cloud, according to one developer. And this is certainly good news for users and those planning to use the service.

How Secure it is to Use Amazon Glacier

If you are worried that anybody from Amazon can access your files stored in the Glacier, you can include encryption into them. Encrypting your files prior to storing it to the cloud gives them more protection.

Worries on Hidden Charges

Amazon Glacier is a service which you only have to pay every time you use it. Just pay for the space you require. However, a transfer cost for one-time file turn over from your hard disk to the cloud is entailed. Nonetheless, such fee is very much reasonable which only takes you half a dollar for ten thousand files. And for a year, you only need to pay about $12.5 for using the service. Besides, downloading a backup file will only take you a cent per GB and this can be waived if just a small file is involved.

Uploading Files with Slow Internet Connection

If you are having troubles with a very slow internet, you may store all your files/data into a hard disk and mail it to Amazon. Though this step can cost you more, the process involves Amazon personnel in doing the job of saving your files into the Amazon S3. After this, they’ll send the hard disk back to you.