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Passbook – The Most Effective Marketing Tool

Passbook is the latest marketing tool that’s said to intimidate other marketing tools. IOS passbook is the app introduced by Apple for iPhone users with iOS 6. Because it’s the latest version of e-wallet, retailers and manufacturers can grab the opportunity of integrating digital coupons/ passes. When you come to think about it, almost all individuals are using iPhone. The rest of the population are slowly switching to iPhone. That goes to show that your target market is big if you incorporate your passes and coupons in passbook.

Establishing a Mobile App

Passbook saves all coupons and passes gathered by iPhone users. They don’t snip a coupon in a catalogue or something like that. They got it in a company’s mobile app. Now, if you want to offer coupons to iPhone users, you need to establish a mobile app. You need to get people to follow your brand. Your mobile Phone app is the key to staying connected with your customers. Make sure to establish an app that will get people engaged. Have an apps maker to help you out.

Creating Coupons and Passes

A pass or coupon doesn’t need to be printed in a paper. That’s the beauty of the Passbook app. So here’s what you should do. Create a pass or coupon that’s clear and concise. You need to provide all the information clients and customers need. The pass should contain what you are offering. It also needs important information as to when a certain pass expires. Be sure to add a picture so they’ll be aware of what you’re offering. Say for example you own a coffee shop. You can offer a pass like this:

Brewery Coffee Shop is offering a free upsize for every Caramel Latte ordered. This promo is only valid until December 20, 2012. The offer is limited to takeout orders only. Maximum of two orders per pass.

You see, all the important details are provided. It’s specific, concise and very clear. It is in no way tacky. There’s no reason why people will ignore your offer. The deal is an extreme catch.

Incorporating Coupons and Passes to the Mobile App

Your mobile app should contain latest updates of your products. Aside from allowing them to upload photos of themselves using your product, you can integrate the coupons and passes. Give them daily offers. The offer can vary day to day. If iPhone users are near your establishment, you can send a pass/ coupon to them.

That is, of course, if they turned the Lock Screen of their Passbook on. With that kind of advantage, most consumers will get lured into buying stuff from your establishment. Also, they become aware that you’re offering great deals, discounts and other promotional offers. If they don’t get into your store, don’t worry. Those people are still interested in buying from your store. They may not have enough money or time to spend in your store. However, it’s most likely that they’ll save the pass in their passbook.

Which Ios Passbook App Should You Get

With the release of iOs 6, iPhone users are in for a treat. The latest operating system offers the Passbook app. According to Apple, it is set to revolutionize the mobile payment system. It’s your electronic wallet. Of course, you also need to get a different Ios passbook app fit for your lifestyle. Think about it. The new operating system will organize all the things you usually place in your wallet. You can get rid of all the clutter in your wallet. You don’t have to worry about membership cards, coupons, loyalty cards, movie passes being piled in your wallet. All those papers and plastic cards in your wallet will soon be gone. To make the most out of the Passbook app, you need to download compatible Passbook apps. Here are some apps you can enjoy:

  • Fandango
  • Are you a movie buff? Well, you’ll surely enjoy this Ios passbook app created by several apps maker. This Passbook-supported app allows you to buy movie tickets without lining up. Once you’ve made the electronic transaction, the cinema house will provide you a bar code. This bar code will be scanned from your iPhone. Also, you may switch your lock screen on. Once you get to the cinema house, your ticket is displayed.

  • Major League Basketball
  • The top apps on app store don’t solely go to games and music. There are apps for mobile payments that also made the list. One of those top apps would have to be the Major League Basketball app. There are thousands of fans of Major League Basketball. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t get this app. Fans can purchase tickets for their home games. People in San Francisco can enjoy a match played by the Giants. New York Mets fans can still store tickets in their iPhone for what’s left of the season.

  • United
  • Let the truth be told. It’s always a hassle to print a copy of an airline ticket. You have to make sure you printed a copy. There’s also a need for you to remind yourself not to leave the ticket behind. You also have to strain yourself just so you can check in hours before the flight. With United Ios passbook app, you can gear away from all those stressors. You can simply buy your ticket using the app and a pass is saved in your Passbook. You could even check in using your App. Nevertheless, you can get yourself updated on flight times and changes.

  • Walgreens
  • Most people buy their medications in Walgreens. It’s practically a household name. The company is so big that they’ve offered a loyalty card to valued customers. Of course, getting a plastic card is a hassle for both the consumer and the company. That’s why there’s the Walgreens Ios passbook app integration. Customers simply sign up for the loyalty card in the app. After that, Passbook saves the loyalty card in the iPhone. Every time a customer is in the store, the loyalty card is launched. For every purchase made, points are added to their loyalty card.