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Passbook for iOS and Mobile Marketing

A lot of people are considering mobile marketing as the next big thing. It has been speculated as the megatrend that could change the whole game of marketing. A business owner like you should get excited about it. It is a different avenue to promote your brand so long as you do it well. You just have to incorporate Passbook for iOS and mobile marketing together. You could never go wrong with this mix.

  • Mobile marketing can be done by SMS marketing.
  • Of course, you need to play it well so your text message won’t be considered as spam. Be aware of the right time to text your customers. It shouldn’t be too early that could wake them up from their sleep or too late to disturb them from their sleep. Do not text on off-hours. Needless to say, your text should come in a perfect timing. Don’t announce a sale three weeks before the actual sale. Send an SMS alert a week ahead.

  • Create a mobile app.
  • Of course, you should make your mobile app accessible by iPhone users. Iphone users are more allured on apps rather than SMS. The mobile app should be interactive and user-friendly. It’s all about giving more attention to your valued customers. You could include some games in your app that allows them to win prizes like discounts and freebies. Nevertheless, it should be an avenue for Passbook for iOS. Get an apps maker to help you create your brand’s mobile app. Remember; it’s all about getting people to appreciate your brand.

  • Come up with coupon codes and passes.
  • Everybody loves a freebie. You can never go wrong with such pass. Say for example you sell makeup products. The pass could contain an irresistible offer. Offer a free lip gloss for every purchase of an eye shadow kit. If you are in a car repair business, you could still offer something. Provide a pass that offers car owners free car check-up on their next visit.

  • Monitor the progress of your mobile marketing campaign.
  • You could give them discounts whenever they save a pass in their Passbook for iOS. It could include a $2 off for purchases made before lunch time. Tally the number of people as to who showed up in your store with your code. If there are a lot of people who showed up, it just goes to show that your marketing strategy actually worked.

  • Improve on marketing schemes that don’t work.
  • If a certain promotional offer doesn’t work, change it. Try to incorporate more things on Passbook for iOS. You could offer mobile payments. They could pay for the maintenance check-up even before they arrive in your car repair shop. You could also offer a reward system. Add a loyalty card in their Passbook Phone app. For every transaction made in your car repair shop, give them points. If they managed to collect certain amount of points, offer something good. It has to be something worthy of giving. You can offer an overhaul for half the price or something like that. Just think outside of the box. You can surely come up with ways on how to improve on your marketing schemes.

    Passbook – The Most Effective Marketing Tool

    Passbook is the latest marketing tool that’s said to intimidate other marketing tools. IOS passbook is the app introduced by Apple for iPhone users with iOS 6. Because it’s the latest version of e-wallet, retailers and manufacturers can grab the opportunity of integrating digital coupons/ passes. When you come to think about it, almost all individuals are using iPhone. The rest of the population are slowly switching to iPhone. That goes to show that your target market is big if you incorporate your passes and coupons in passbook.

    Establishing a Mobile App

    Passbook saves all coupons and passes gathered by iPhone users. They don’t snip a coupon in a catalogue or something like that. They got it in a company’s mobile app. Now, if you want to offer coupons to iPhone users, you need to establish a mobile app. You need to get people to follow your brand. Your mobile Phone app is the key to staying connected with your customers. Make sure to establish an app that will get people engaged. Have an apps maker to help you out.

    Creating Coupons and Passes

    A pass or coupon doesn’t need to be printed in a paper. That’s the beauty of the Passbook app. So here’s what you should do. Create a pass or coupon that’s clear and concise. You need to provide all the information clients and customers need. The pass should contain what you are offering. It also needs important information as to when a certain pass expires. Be sure to add a picture so they’ll be aware of what you’re offering. Say for example you own a coffee shop. You can offer a pass like this:

    Brewery Coffee Shop is offering a free upsize for every Caramel Latte ordered. This promo is only valid until December 20, 2012. The offer is limited to takeout orders only. Maximum of two orders per pass.

    You see, all the important details are provided. It’s specific, concise and very clear. It is in no way tacky. There’s no reason why people will ignore your offer. The deal is an extreme catch.

    Incorporating Coupons and Passes to the Mobile App

    Your mobile app should contain latest updates of your products. Aside from allowing them to upload photos of themselves using your product, you can integrate the coupons and passes. Give them daily offers. The offer can vary day to day. If iPhone users are near your establishment, you can send a pass/ coupon to them.

    That is, of course, if they turned the Lock Screen of their Passbook on. With that kind of advantage, most consumers will get lured into buying stuff from your establishment. Also, they become aware that you’re offering great deals, discounts and other promotional offers. If they don’t get into your store, don’t worry. Those people are still interested in buying from your store. They may not have enough money or time to spend in your store. However, it’s most likely that they’ll save the pass in their passbook.

    Getting Started with The iOS Passbook

    Apple finally introduced Ios passbook. It’s the app readily available for people with an iOS 6. You could never go wrong with this Ios mobile app. It’s the solution to all the clutter in your wallet. It’s a paperless approach to keeping all your tickets, coupons, passes and membership cards. Transactions involving money has finally revolutionized. It’s going mobile. Pretty soon, no one will need to use his leather wallet. The app store came up with this solution that somehow resembles to mobile payment. Merchants from different establishments now offer Passes that can be stored in their Ios passbook. Here’s how you can start enjoying this new app.

  • Launch the app for the first time.
  • After getting the app from the App store, launch it. Expect it to be empty. You will be given a link. This link will guide you to the App store. It leads to all the other apps that need to be integrated to the Passbook app.

  • Get passes.
  • Downloading apps is not the only way to get passes to your Passbook. You can download several apps with the use of your web browser. Safari is the best option. But you could still get apps from the Mail app integrated in your iPhone.

  • Preview the pass.
  • Study the pass you open wherever it came from. You can preview the pass before adding it. Make sure to read the front and back portion of the pass. It contains all the information about a certain pass. Say for example there’s a pass offered by Subway. There’s offering a $5 cash coupon. The pass entails the coupon number and what the cash coupon is for. It could be used for purchasing a sandwich. The pass will mention exclusion. It may exclude drinks and other items.

  • Add the pass.
  • If the offer is good, add the pass. You can simply tap on the Add button. It’s that easy. Say for example, you like what you see. You can now add the offer provided by Subway.

  • View your app.
  • In a few seconds, an animation will appear. It’s pretty fancy as a matter of fact. Your pass will then disappear from your screen. Don’t worry about it. You will not lose that app. Open your Ios passbook. You will see that app you just added. The pass is yours for the taking.

  • Use your app.
  • You can now head to subway and use your pass. The merchant will handle the transaction with your app. They could swipe it or have your pass scanned.

  • Turn on your lock screen.
  • If you want to use the app without doing anything, leave your lock screen open. Opening the lock screen comes with a purpose. It permits the merchant to monitor your current location and the time you show up in their store. You don’t need to scan your iPhone. They already got your pass tracked. Now, it saves you the hassle. You don’t even have to open your app. They know you’ve got the pass. They’ll do the transaction for you. The transaction will take about a minute.

    6 Things to Love about the Passbook App

    In this era, smartphones and mobile devices have proven its importance in one’s life. It may not be the air that a person breathes. But still, it’s an essential tool that most people can’t live without. It feels like they’re missing a limb or a vital organ in their body. Your iPhone is not a typical mobile phone. You don’t just use it to send a text or make a call. You can send email, browse the web, play Angry Birds, and listen to music and a whole lot more.

    There are so many things you can do with your iPhone. With the release of the iPhone 5, Apple avid fans would have something to be happy about. All the more, iPhone users will love the Passbook app. It’s a Phone app that proves to be a necessity to all consumers. Here are 6 things to love about this useful app.

  • Your iPhone can be an e-wallet.
  • Your wallet will go to an early retirement. There’s no longer the need for you to bring your credit cards and cash. All transactions that involve money can be done with your iPhone. You don’t have to worry about your pocket being full of loose change. You also don’t have to worry about leaving your wallet at home.

  • You could check-in to your hotel without any hassle.
  • Before you head to your hotel, you need to print a copy of your reservation. You need to show a hard copy of your transaction. Now, you can skip all those hassle. You can book a room in a hotel of your choice with the use of the Passbook app.

  • When you need a quick caffeine stop, use this app.
  • Now, you can get your daily dose of caffeine fix in your favorite coffee shop without waiting for the change. It’s completely hassle-free. Make the transaction using your iPhone.

  • It’s all about paper-less coupons.
  • A wise grocery shopper knows that coupons are essential. You get huge discounts on certain items. However, coupons are tacky. There’s no doubt about that. The app store has the Passbook App. Download it. You can use this app to store all the coupons you need. No need to bring a big envelope full of coupons. Plus, you can retrieve the coupons you want to use in an instant.

  • No need to line up for movie tickets.
  • Got a hot movie date later? Well, you can skip the long queue. You can purchase your movie tickets ahead of time with this app. After purchasing your ticket, you can just flash your phone by the entrance. The scanner used by the movie house will verify your movie ticket purchase before you enter. That’s it.

  • You get updates on the latest promos, freebies and discounts.
  • Every day, there’s a promotional offer waiting for you in different stores. The best things in life may not be free. However, Passbook App makes it possible for you to enjoy better things in life at a reasonable price. All coupons have this coupon code. Establishments just need to scan the code so you can avail the promo.