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Improving Your Sales with Mobile App and Passbook Pass Creator

With people getting hooked to their mobile phones, there’s no way you should miss out on the opportunity of creating a mobile app for your business. This is where customers get updates on your latest offers and such. Make sure you have one of the best Apps on the app store. It helps you get connected with your valued customers. That’s why; you shouldn’t take for granted trying out new marketing strategies. You never know which strategy can elevate your sales exponentially. Don’t ever give up and always try to improve what you can for your business. It starts with fixing your mobile app marketing strategies and adding a Passbook pass creator.

  • Try promoting just one product on the home page of your app.
  • This is to test that may be too hard for you. You might wonder as to how it’s going to increase your sales when all you have is one product. You see, it has been observed that sites with lesser products in one place equates to higher sales. That is if more copy describes such products. Run this test for at least a week and see how it goes from there.

  • Incorporate a Passbook pass creator.
  • You already have products shown in your mobile. The next thing you need to do is to entice them in buying your products. That’s where you’ll need an apps maker. He’ll be responsible for improving your app. One way of improving it is to add a Passbook pass creator. You need to get all transactions done mobile. If you want to allow iPhone users to book a room in your hotel, let them use the Passbook app. That way, they simply have to get their phone scanned for check-in.

  • Giveaway irresistible codes.
  • Passbook pass creator should be able to create codes that have irresistible offers. You can let customers enjoy discounts on your products. You can provide a code that offers a loyalty card to valued customers. Take for example Walgreens. They managed to turn their loyalty card into an integrated app to Passbook.

  • Add photos to increase your product’s desirability.
  • Photos can be more appealing to your customers. You could put it on top of the page or by the call to action at the bottom. If you want, you could also allow your customers to upload their photos using your products. Or better yet, use the Passbook pass creator and come up with codes that include photos of your products. Say for example you sell perfumes. You could take a photo of a perfume you are willing to offer for half the price.

  • Give what your customers want.
  • Customers always want to be valued. Exclusivity is the key. You could offer them limited offers. Say for example you own a clothing line. Your mobile app can contain passes to a concert sponsored by your clothing line. The code can entail a free ticket for every purchase of your latest design. Make sure that this kind of promo isn’t offered online. It has to be for iPhone users who have downloaded your app.