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Embarking Starbucks Passbook by this Month’s End

According to reports, Starbucks will release an application compatible to the Passbook of iOS 6 by this week. This Starbucks app is one of the first applications to be presented when Passbook was introduced last June.

Passbook App Offering Convenience to Coffee Lovers

Starbucks didn’t previously integrate Passbook for the reward card, which surprised a number of consumers. However, with the recent announcement from its official Tweeter account, their update will come by the end of September.

Very soon, paying coffee through this application is so likely if you own a rewards card while still earning rewards points. Thus, if you are updated to iOS 6, availing a passbook maker provides convenience and a number of advantages.

Top Companies Supporting the New iOS 6 Application

Other companies like Target, American Airlines, Walgreens, Ticketmaster, United Airlines, Sephora to Go, Lufthansa, Live Nation, and Fandango have already integrated this iOS app into their system. In addition to this, even without a paper ticket, you can watch an MLB game through this app. And in the near future, more and more companies are expected to include Passbook. And this means that paper tickets, cards, and passes will no longer be necessary.

Why Starbucks Buffs will Surely Love this Update

Passbook is Apple’s approach towards virtual wallet. From an iOS device like your iPhone and iPod, you can easily store cards and passes. And coffee junkies would surely love this new app as they will earn rewards along with paying for their drinks. This comes to light when the update for Starbucks passbook maker comes out at the end of this month.

This new application of Apple allows you to keep passes, loyalty cards, retail coupons, movie tickets, and many others on your iPod or iPhone. Another amazing thing about this is that passes can be visible on your phone’s lock screen and these are made geo-fenced. Hence, it means that once you get inside a Starbucks store, your Starbucks passes automatically comes into view from your phone.

It is quite interesting that Starbucks doesn’t have integration to this application since Apple first directed Passbook to the Starbucks app in their application store. Though the individual iOS application from the App store is not necessary for this app’s integration, it is expected that many other famous companies will include passbook integration by means of their existing applications.

In the recent weeks, the famous coffee store has been mobile savvy. And now with the Passbook coming by this month’s end, it will be easier to earn rewards if you own a Starbucks rewards card.

Passbook Tool: How to Create Your Business Passbook Pass

With the newest operating system for your latest generation iPhone, iPad, or i Touch (more correctly known as the iPod Touch) recently being released, businesses and consumers are now given a novel way to enjoy hassle-free and modern-day transactions.

The iOS 6 Passbook tool, one of the most singled out apps and features for the Apple iOS 6, is not only an e-wallet that helps consumers manage their own busy lives. It provides a more timely method of enticing customers, giving out discounts and bonuses, fast turnarounds and efficient work methods, and stress free customer service for small, medium, and large scale enterprises.

Existing Passbook Passes for Consumers

Leading the way for all sorts of businesses are big players such as Lufthansa, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Fandango, Walgreens, and Target which have put in their trust in this newly introduced feature for what is today’s most popular devices. Starbucks has well announced its arrival to join the Passbook hype at the end of this month, as well as leading credit card company American Express, which already had its initial launching of its Passbook pass.

Passbook: A Lucrative Tool for Businesses

As big companies have showed support for the new iOS Passbook app, small to medium sized businesses should also advance their own methods of transaction at providing service by creating their own Passbook passes. As more and more people use iOS operated devices, anyone who seeks to boost a business’s overall performance should consider investing in affordable yet highly lucrative tool such as an iOS 6 Passbook Pass. When looking at the long term benefits of a business Passbook pass for iOS 6 enabled devices, the easy process of creating your own Passbook pass brings significant returns. Not only will it enable consumers to use coupons for your products without any trouble—it will also boost your reputation as a proficient enterprise.

Passbook Creators: Your Business’s Key to Modern Success

You can always use the availability of business Passbook pass creators on the Internet. As the iOS 6 Passbook app continuously gains popularity all over the world, there is no time to waste. Passbook creators are very accessible and affordable. The process would depend on the service that you choose, but it would revolve around these six easy steps.

1. Choose the type of Passbook pass for your business.

There are many types of passes that you can create for your products and services. You will need to emphasize whether you need a transport pass (such as those used in subways, airlines, and the like), membership, discount coupon, store card, event ticket, etc.

2. Provide the important settings and information.

You will be asked for specific details such as the name of your company, and a brief description to appear in the pass. You will also need to decide whether serial numbers will be automatically generated, manually created each time a pass is created, or will have a single serial number for all your passes.

3. Build a professional appearance.

You can then choose the colors, content, images and logo to appear on your pass.

4. Choose locations where your passes will be honored.

You can choose specific locations or branches, or choose to honor your Passbook passes in all of your business’s offices.

5. Choose appropriate languages.

To make it more effective and easy to use, select the appropriate language according to the country it will be offered in.

6. Set the scope of distribution

You may decide to have your passes distributed unlimitedly—this way, people will have access to it anytime, anywhere. Otherwise, you can have a limited number of passes to deal out during a particular period of time. This way, you can create a sense of urgency among your consumers.

Improving Your Sales with Mobile App and Passbook Pass Creator

With people getting hooked to their mobile phones, there’s no way you should miss out on the opportunity of creating a mobile app for your business. This is where customers get updates on your latest offers and such. Make sure you have one of the best Apps on the app store. It helps you get connected with your valued customers. That’s why; you shouldn’t take for granted trying out new marketing strategies. You never know which strategy can elevate your sales exponentially. Don’t ever give up and always try to improve what you can for your business. It starts with fixing your mobile app marketing strategies and adding a Passbook pass creator.

  • Try promoting just one product on the home page of your app.
  • This is to test that may be too hard for you. You might wonder as to how it’s going to increase your sales when all you have is one product. You see, it has been observed that sites with lesser products in one place equates to higher sales. That is if more copy describes such products. Run this test for at least a week and see how it goes from there.

  • Incorporate a Passbook pass creator.
  • You already have products shown in your mobile. The next thing you need to do is to entice them in buying your products. That’s where you’ll need an apps maker. He’ll be responsible for improving your app. One way of improving it is to add a Passbook pass creator. You need to get all transactions done mobile. If you want to allow iPhone users to book a room in your hotel, let them use the Passbook app. That way, they simply have to get their phone scanned for check-in.

  • Giveaway irresistible codes.
  • Passbook pass creator should be able to create codes that have irresistible offers. You can let customers enjoy discounts on your products. You can provide a code that offers a loyalty card to valued customers. Take for example Walgreens. They managed to turn their loyalty card into an integrated app to Passbook.

  • Add photos to increase your product’s desirability.
  • Photos can be more appealing to your customers. You could put it on top of the page or by the call to action at the bottom. If you want, you could also allow your customers to upload their photos using your products. Or better yet, use the Passbook pass creator and come up with codes that include photos of your products. Say for example you sell perfumes. You could take a photo of a perfume you are willing to offer for half the price.

  • Give what your customers want.
  • Customers always want to be valued. Exclusivity is the key. You could offer them limited offers. Say for example you own a clothing line. Your mobile app can contain passes to a concert sponsored by your clothing line. The code can entail a free ticket for every purchase of your latest design. Make sure that this kind of promo isn’t offered online. It has to be for iPhone users who have downloaded your app.

    Passbook – The Most Effective Marketing Tool

    Passbook is the latest marketing tool that’s said to intimidate other marketing tools. IOS passbook is the app introduced by Apple for iPhone users with iOS 6. Because it’s the latest version of e-wallet, retailers and manufacturers can grab the opportunity of integrating digital coupons/ passes. When you come to think about it, almost all individuals are using iPhone. The rest of the population are slowly switching to iPhone. That goes to show that your target market is big if you incorporate your passes and coupons in passbook.

    Establishing a Mobile App

    Passbook saves all coupons and passes gathered by iPhone users. They don’t snip a coupon in a catalogue or something like that. They got it in a company’s mobile app. Now, if you want to offer coupons to iPhone users, you need to establish a mobile app. You need to get people to follow your brand. Your mobile Phone app is the key to staying connected with your customers. Make sure to establish an app that will get people engaged. Have an apps maker to help you out.

    Creating Coupons and Passes

    A pass or coupon doesn’t need to be printed in a paper. That’s the beauty of the Passbook app. So here’s what you should do. Create a pass or coupon that’s clear and concise. You need to provide all the information clients and customers need. The pass should contain what you are offering. It also needs important information as to when a certain pass expires. Be sure to add a picture so they’ll be aware of what you’re offering. Say for example you own a coffee shop. You can offer a pass like this:

    Brewery Coffee Shop is offering a free upsize for every Caramel Latte ordered. This promo is only valid until December 20, 2012. The offer is limited to takeout orders only. Maximum of two orders per pass.

    You see, all the important details are provided. It’s specific, concise and very clear. It is in no way tacky. There’s no reason why people will ignore your offer. The deal is an extreme catch.

    Incorporating Coupons and Passes to the Mobile App

    Your mobile app should contain latest updates of your products. Aside from allowing them to upload photos of themselves using your product, you can integrate the coupons and passes. Give them daily offers. The offer can vary day to day. If iPhone users are near your establishment, you can send a pass/ coupon to them.

    That is, of course, if they turned the Lock Screen of their Passbook on. With that kind of advantage, most consumers will get lured into buying stuff from your establishment. Also, they become aware that you’re offering great deals, discounts and other promotional offers. If they don’t get into your store, don’t worry. Those people are still interested in buying from your store. They may not have enough money or time to spend in your store. However, it’s most likely that they’ll save the pass in their passbook.

    What You Need to Know About the iOS Passbook Pass

    So what is all the fuss about the iOS Passbook pass? Why is it trending in most social networking sites? Why is it one of the hottest Apps on the app store? As what most Apple users say, it’s going to change how monetary transactions and mobile payment works. It’s said to be the fully-fledged e-wallet that will change all points of mobile transactions for the years to come. After all, it is backed up by Apple. And most people know that such word is no longer linked to a fruit alone. Such word is linked to a brand known by all individuals. Here’s what you should know about Passbook pass.

    • Introduction of Passbook

    Apple announced the e-wallet last June 11,2012 at the Worldwide Development conference. They announce it as the app that serves as your mobile wallet. It’s fully integrated to the latest version of operating system coined as iOS 6. It’s a Phone app expected to be releases in the last quarter of the year.

    • Features Added

    Passbook pass is an app that’s fully functioning. It’s got great features which includes Geolocation, Push Updates and Calendar Updates. Let’s highlight the Geolocation feature. Iphone users will receive a pass automatically when they are in a particular establishment or nearby. The Pass creator is responsible for selecting the Pass that pops out in the Lock Screen of a user. The Pass may be a discount coupon or loyalty card. Any iPhone user would love this feature. They could immediately redeem the promo offered by an establishment.

    • Passbook as a New Marketing Scheme

    Business owners can greatly benefit from this app. It’s wise to integrate the app to a business owner’s operation. It’s relatively cost-efficient. There’s a reduced cost in mass printing and distribution of paper coupons. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You are advertising your establishment whenever a consumer is nearby. At the same time, you get instant increase in sales every time they redeem the coupon. There’s complete brand presence to all iPhone users. Imagine how many people are using iPhone nowadays. That is your target market.

    • Passbook as the Next Credit Card

    In a few months or the next coming year, credit cards will be useless plastics. The whole concept of the credit card system is integrated into the Passbook pass. It will greatly rival the credit card system of Visa and MasterCard. A consumer can purchase airline tickets and shop items without swapping a credit card. The transactions can be done with the Passbook app. Apple just needs to find a solution to the complex nature of the credit card financial regulations.

    • Passbook Pass Will Never Be a Failure

    Smartphones are the most sought after mobile devices. Iphone is the top-selling smartphone. There’s a growing market of iPhone users. Thus, there will be a lot of people that will use Passbook. It’s completely convenient for people. People will feel valued every time they use it. They get the latest offers in all establishments. Now, who doesn’t want that?

    Getting Started with The iOS Passbook

    Apple finally introduced Ios passbook. It’s the app readily available for people with an iOS 6. You could never go wrong with this Ios mobile app. It’s the solution to all the clutter in your wallet. It’s a paperless approach to keeping all your tickets, coupons, passes and membership cards. Transactions involving money has finally revolutionized. It’s going mobile. Pretty soon, no one will need to use his leather wallet. The app store came up with this solution that somehow resembles to mobile payment. Merchants from different establishments now offer Passes that can be stored in their Ios passbook. Here’s how you can start enjoying this new app.

  • Launch the app for the first time.
  • After getting the app from the App store, launch it. Expect it to be empty. You will be given a link. This link will guide you to the App store. It leads to all the other apps that need to be integrated to the Passbook app.

  • Get passes.
  • Downloading apps is not the only way to get passes to your Passbook. You can download several apps with the use of your web browser. Safari is the best option. But you could still get apps from the Mail app integrated in your iPhone.

  • Preview the pass.
  • Study the pass you open wherever it came from. You can preview the pass before adding it. Make sure to read the front and back portion of the pass. It contains all the information about a certain pass. Say for example there’s a pass offered by Subway. There’s offering a $5 cash coupon. The pass entails the coupon number and what the cash coupon is for. It could be used for purchasing a sandwich. The pass will mention exclusion. It may exclude drinks and other items.

  • Add the pass.
  • If the offer is good, add the pass. You can simply tap on the Add button. It’s that easy. Say for example, you like what you see. You can now add the offer provided by Subway.

  • View your app.
  • In a few seconds, an animation will appear. It’s pretty fancy as a matter of fact. Your pass will then disappear from your screen. Don’t worry about it. You will not lose that app. Open your Ios passbook. You will see that app you just added. The pass is yours for the taking.

  • Use your app.
  • You can now head to subway and use your pass. The merchant will handle the transaction with your app. They could swipe it or have your pass scanned.

  • Turn on your lock screen.
  • If you want to use the app without doing anything, leave your lock screen open. Opening the lock screen comes with a purpose. It permits the merchant to monitor your current location and the time you show up in their store. You don’t need to scan your iPhone. They already got your pass tracked. Now, it saves you the hassle. You don’t even have to open your app. They know you’ve got the pass. They’ll do the transaction for you. The transaction will take about a minute.