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Online Stock Trading

Best Stock Brokers

Below are our online stock trading preferred picks. Signing up with the stock brokers below is fast, easy, and free.

1. TD Ameritrade

Price: $9.99 / trade
Key Features: 35 years in business, high customer support, straight forward pricing without hidden fees – Kiplinger’s #1 online broker pick – Barron’s 4.5/5 stars rating.
Bonuses: Trade free for 60 days
Open a TD Ameritrade Account.

2. Optionshouse

Price: $3.95 / trade
Key Features: One of the lowest rates in the industry, top rated by Barrons, excellent trading tools
Bonus: 100 commission free trades
Open an Optionshouse Account.

3. TradeKing

Price: $4.95 / trade
Key Features: 4/5 star Barron’s rating, SmartMoney top rated, low flat fees

Top 3 Benefits of Trading Stocks Online

  1. Build wealth with small investments.
  2. Invest today; earn money for college, a new home, retirement, or the future.
  3. Choose the funds you want to invest in simply by using your computer.

Getting Started In Online Stock Trading

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can take part in stock trading without having to hire a personal broker or invest large sums of money. Learning about stocks and how the various stock exchanges work is a fascinating look into how ordinary people have become wealthy over the years.

Getting started in online stock trading requires 3 important elements:

  • • A basic understanding of investing and the types of stock trades.
  • • An online broker.
  • • A trading stock strategy.

Online Stock Trading Services

For those new to investing or with little time to manage investments, online stock trading fits the bill with all the tools and resources beginners need to start investing immediately. Online stock trading services act as the online broker for buying and selling the stocks you choose. However, there are different types of online stock trading sites, from traditional full service brokers to discount online brokerage services, so it’s important to know how each one operates, the minimum amount required to open an account, the amount charged per trade and the commission structure.

How Online Stock Trading Works

Online stock trading utilizes electronic communication networks (ECNs) that allow for immediate buying and selling stock transactions. If you so choose, you can have full control over which stocks you want to buy or sell and when, as well as the quantity of stock you want to purchase. Online stock trading services have their own type of Internet-based user interface that enables investors to manage their accounts, stock ownership confirmations and investment transactions online.

With online stock trading, you can:

  • • Find companies to invest in
  • • Choose your trading style (do-it-yourself versus having a broker decide)
  • • Determine how much risk you’re willing to accept
  • • Select a time frame for your investments
  • • Determine how much you want to buy in stocks
  • • Define your exit strategy for when it comes time to sell the stock.

Types of Stock Trades

The types of stock trades you select for your investment portfolio will determine how quickly your investment will grow. While stocks, mutual funds, bonds and exchange-traded funds are the most common types of stock trades, there are actually 12 types of trades to consider. Becoming familiar with the types of stock trades and how they perform will help you create a diverse investment portfolio that can withstand fluctuating stock market conditions.

Get started today and realize the big returns you can make on your money with online stock trading.