The Impact of Technology on Business Advertising

Advertising is one of the most vital business aspects that should be addressed seriously. By employing a well thought out strategy, businesses can secure their reputable presence in the market. Though there are many factors that can be considered in assessing the effectiveness of strategies that promote a business, it is noteworthy to recognize the impact of technology on business advertising. On the other hand, technology is not just a factor but it is also an effective tool for advertising. Before businesses know it, there is already a new product of technology that can be optimized in promoting products or services.

Objectively, how is the impact of technology manifested and realized in various business industries? What difference has the IT technology made in so far as market competition is concerned? How should businesses treat technology importance in creating a more sophisticated advertising strategy?

Advertising before the Information Age

The print media can be considered as the first widely used method of advertising. When the printing press was invented, it was used by businesses to broadcast information about their products or services. It can be fairly said that the invention of the printing press has made business owners realize what the impact of technology on business advertising is.

Then there was the invention of radio, which also became a valuable tool for advertising. Compared to print advertisements, it has wider reach and does not require people to spend time reading. They just need to listen. Moreover, it has various rooms for creativity. Businesses can use jingles or dialogues to promote a product.

After the radio, a new technology form, which was popularized as the television, was invented. With it, the impact of technology became monumental. Businesses took advantage of the visually appealing commercial advertisements. With such, the way businesses appreciated technology importance has changed. They began to allocate a relatively huge percentage of their capital for TV advertisements.

With these inventions, the impact of technology on business advertising has greatly changed the capabilities of businesses in terms of increasing sales and raking in revenues.

Sophisticated Advertising with Internet

The invention of the Internet has dramatically influenced the advertising community. It also has a liberating impact as small market players acquired the capability to compete with large ones without worrying about their financial and economic status. How is that possible? The IT technology has made it possible for anyone to access almost any type of information. So, even if a small-sized business cannot afford an expensive TV advertisement, the search engines would allow potential clients to find them.

With the Internet, there are now many ways with which any business can do affordable and effective advertising. Some of these are blogging, creation of website, and maximization of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With these sophisticated methods of advertising, businesses particularly the less financially capable ones have realized the technology importance in strengthening their companies.

Over the years, the impact of technology on business advertising has become more evident. One this is clear, technology is a powerful tool that can be afforded even by the smallest market players.

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