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The Pros and Cons of a KSU-Less System

With a business that employs ten or less employees, you may want to look into purchasing a KSU-less system. This type of phone system will cost you less a Key System and the amount of equipment that you’ll buy will fit your needs exactly when it comes to the number of employees that you will support. The reason for this has to do with the fact that the technology that the phones will use for communication is located right in the phones, themselves. This gives you the flexibility of moving the phones around the way that you want. You can also buy and sell the phones easily, without having to dismantle the system. However, before deciding on a system purchase, it’s always best to take a look at the pros and cons of that phone system.  In the case of a Key-less business phone system, the advantage and disadvantages are relatively simple to understand. These are, as follows:

Pros – First off, the system is good for supporting less than 10 employees for a minimal cost. This translates into purchasing a business phone system for less money than any other type of system.

Even though it’s less expensive, you can still get the features that are found in a Key System. This wasn’t always the case, but newer technology allowed for more features to become available.

You can move the phones around to accommodate changes in office configuration and employee location. Individual phones can be sold, as well.

Cons – You’ll need to check to see if the system, that you would like to purchase, is compatible with the wiring in your business location. This compatibility also needs to extend to your office equipment, such as modems, answering machines, etc.

Telecom vendors tend to shy away from selling this type of equipment. This means bearing the responsibility for your own system installation and setup, programming and equipment maintenance.

You can also run into the problem with “crosstalk”. This means that individual phone calls can overlap into one another.

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