This Year’s Leading 101 Sites

The following is a list of helpful web apps and top websites that can make your online dealings faster and more productive.

1. – where you can get clipart, templates, pictures, and other images for your office docs
2. – provides you with different icons with varying sizes
3. – generates diagrams, sitemaps, flowcharts, and other for better presentation
4. – an improved searching tool for Twitter users
5. – makes a recording of your desktop videos and transfer them to Youtube
6. – provides you a copy of special signs and characters which your keyboard doesn’t contain
7. qClock – gives information on various cities’ local time through Google Map
8. unfurl.come – presents the original URLs concealed in shortened ones
9. – helpful to create email notifications
10. – can change URLs to QR codes, and helps you shorten very long URLs
11. – used to obtain screenshots on web pages through your desktop or mobile phones
12. – lets you preview presentations from your browser
13. – helps you edit easily PDF files on your browser
14. – examines viruses on email attachments
15. – chooses random numbers, listings, etc.
16. – you can access a crashed site caused by excessive traffic through this
17. – an internet timer suitable for everyday tasks
18. – your searching tool for RSS feeds
19. – rearranges contents and articles into newspaper format
20. – prints out web pages less the mess
21. – provides you instant answers without having to search
22. – distinguishes texts out of scanned PDF files
23. – enables you to share your screen to anybody through the internet
24. – helps your design or model out your house in 3D
25. – useful in giving you names from different TLDs
26. – shows live events through the web on your computer screen
27. – locates hidden information on photos
28. – where you can get open source fonts
29. – instantly lets you know the “font” found in images
30. – calculates various product sizes
31. – enables you to obtain receipts through your email account
32. – communicate your email address without getting spammed out
33. – voice recognition program
34. – uploads your videos on different video websites like YouTube all at the same time
35. – examines and corrects writings for grammar and spelling mistakes
36. – you can obtain Kindle e-books for free from this site
37. – enables you to share huge files
38. – helps you pin down flight updates on different airports all over the world
39. – your best source for music sheets and also lets you share your music compositions online
40. – assesses your site’s accomplishment online
41. – provides time zones with a less complicated view
42. – gives you dates suitable for everyone in case you plan for a big occasion
43. – can work on a document for a number of individuals
44. – highlights significant areas of a page
45. – imports files even without a third party service provider
46. – lets you send files which enables the recipient to preview them prior to downloading
47. – obtain RSS feeds like newsletter in emails
48. – free online faxing service
49. – instantly provides wallpapers and images for your mobile with suitable sizes
50. – used when locating a song name
51. – googling for lazy users
52. – sharing photo albums in an instant
53. – giving you color concepts and even takes out colors from images
54. – generates different ideas and mind maps
55. – instantly gives you a summary of long contents having tag clouds
56. – allows you to locate sites akin to what you want
57. – lets you make sketches or paintings using different brushes
58. – your best translation tool that can be used for office docs, PDFs and various pages on the web
59. – you can now chat with friends on Gtalk, Facebook, and Skype only with this
60. – in microseconds, you can easily create a private room for chatting
61. – defines slangs and informal words and phrases
62. – makes temporary sites
63. – a good site for making remix audio and helps you record and edit clips
64. – provides information on what you have found on Google
65. – determines the webhost of a certain site
66. – discovers other sites of someone using reverse Analytic search
67. – use this if you want to know if a certain site is offline or not
68. – the site to use when wanting to raise funds for a cause through the internet
69. – locates shipment status through Google Maps
70. – generates text messages and notes that can self-destruct once read
71. – enables you to efficiently take notes during conference and meetings
72. – lets you know if a bookmarked page has been erased
73. – verifies a site’s trust level
74. – sets up email cues on significant events
75. – swiftly generates customized Google maps
76. – lets you see images with high resolution without having to scroll
77. – your friend in getting stock images without any cost
78. – the site to checkout when choosing a seat for a flight
79. – helps you create a compelling movie using video and audio clips and photos
80. – provides you with a timeline having images, videos and audio
81. – delivers videos from your web cam through emails
82. – helps you become adept with touch-type with its tutorials and practice sessions
83. – determine if an email offer is legit or not
84. – helps you edit images online
85. – the site where you can ask personal questions to someone
86. – another excellent image editor online
87. – use this is you wish to relay live audios on the internet
88. – utilized to search a site through an SEO point of view
89. – lets you discover a site’s technology stack
90. – enables you to make your own website for free through Dropbox
91. – helps you tweet more than 140-character messages
92. – you can produce video playlists out of your preferred artists
93. – you can watch youtube video and channels just like in TV
94. – an excellent application that can be compared to a paper diary.
95. – you can now bookmark videos on the web through this site
96. – builds a link for all of your accounts on the internet
97. – organizes all the files your stored in Google docs, Dropbox, etc
98. – from here, you can hire someone to do something for 5 dollars
99. – secretly delivers rich-text emails
100. – lets you write down shot texts easily in the browser
101. – this site helps you incorporate QR codes into your presentations and docs

Creating a front page and doing a number of online tasks will be much simpler and more creative through any of these top websites. These best websites have proven beneficial to a number of people who have actually tried using their free services.

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