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Top 3 Email Providers- Are They Growing?

It is an undeniable fact that the top three email providers would have to be Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. These are the most popular web based email services widely used all over the world. But which web based email provider is the top performer?

MailChimp and Email Statistics

Billions of emails are sent every single day. Email traffic is relatively high. Email traffic is now analysed by a company named MailChimp. Such email marketing company sends over 3 billion email messages in a single month. The company pretty much has an idea as to which email services people opt to use. MailChimp is basing their stats on the email account used by individuals when they subscribe in various mailing lists.

How MailChimp works

Basically, MailChimp gathers data from different web domains. They assess all of the outgoing email traffic each month. Most of the results provide good indicators that email providers produce a relative pattern of growth. The double opt-in is utilized before they put any email address to their database. It indicates whether or not the email address is presently active.

Gmail as the Leading Email Provider

Since January 2012, it clearly shows that Gmail is widely used as an email provider. Their growth pattern is relatively high. From 400 billion emails sent out in January, Gmail has managed to increase their email traffic to 540 billion emails by July 2012. The other two contenders would have to be Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Yahoo Mail coming in second has about 420 billion emails sent out in July 2012. On the other hand, Hotmail has about 380 billion emails sent out in the month of July. Indeed, Gmail is the fast growing email provider. The results provided by MailChimp do not include address from Google Apps.

Outlook to Rise in Popularity Due to Its Comprehensive

Hotmail may come in third place but their growth may spurt up in a few months’ time. Launching Outlook may reverse the decline in use of their email services. There are so many features offered in Outlook. One is provided with unlimited storage space. It’s one feature that isn’t available in other email providers. Some service providers only offer about 10 GB storage space for users with free accounts. Also, Outlook provides easy retrieval of deleted messages even if you permanently emptied your Trash folder. These are just some features one could enjoy with Outlook.

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