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Two Important Things You Must Do When Fixing Credit Report Errors

Emotions run high, one feels confused and frustrated and before he or she knows it, depression gradually but surely comes calling. Well, like you may have guessed, feeling moody during financial difficulties never help. You have to be a critical thinker and fix things before it is too late to do anything. If you had already noticed errors, the whole credit repair process can be a rough uphill task.

To ensure that the mistake or rather error gets corrected as quickly as possible, you must contact the credit bureau as well as the organization that gave the information to the bureau. These are the main parties that are always responsible for correcting wrong and inaccurate information under the law, precisely under Fair Credit Reporting Act. Since this is a provision under the law, you have nothing to fear. Plus, it touches on your finances which is a very sensitive issue for any other citizen.

Inform credit bureau in writing what kind of information you are certain is inaccurate.

The credit bureau must first investigate what you claim is inaccurate. This will take at least 30 days unless they consider your dispute as an urgent or a frivolous one. Do not use original copies of your documents to support your claim. Simply use copies. Then keep in mind that apart from just your name and address, the letter should also contain.

  • Request for correction or deletion
  • An explanation with facts as you why you dispute the information
  • Clearly identify and distinguish the items you dispute
  • See for sample letters.

Enclosing a copy of your report with the above mentioned items can be in order. You may need someone to help you draft the letter in the appropriate format. Once you have drafted the letter, send it by certified mail and request a return receipt so that you can document that the recipient or rather credit bureau received your correspondence.  Remember to always keep copies of all the dispute letters and enclosures. At this stage, you cannot afford to lose or take anything for granted.

Write to the appropriate creditor and explain to them that you are disputed the information provided in the credit bureau

Once more, you will have to include copies of documents that can support your position. A good number of providers have specific addresses for disputes only. If the provider reports the same information that you dispute again, then it must include the notice of your disputes. Remember to make a special request that the provider should copy on the correspondence that they send to the bureau.   You will have to be extremely patient as this process normally takes 30 to 90 days.

Check out if you are in state that can allow you to receive free credit reports directly form a credit bureau once you have a registered dispute. This will come in handy in the verification process of the disputes.  Then consult the relevant credit bureau to ensure that you qualify for these services.

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