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Valuable Website for People Taking a Trip by Train in Delhi

A website that provides updated train departure and arrival status in the railway stations in Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi, and Old Delhi is being maintained by Delhi division of Indian Railways. Though little is known about this site, it is of big help for travelers to monitor real time updates.

Traveling Around Delhi by Train: An Overview

If you are planning to travel to Delhi and choose to go by train, there are some things you need to know about the latest Metro train system. Take a look at the following summary:

  • Metro is the name of Delhi’s new train network.
  • Tickets are sold between Rs 8 and Rs 30.
  • Trains operate starting at 6 in the morning until 11 in the evening.
  • The trains run both above and under the ground. Those that operate underground travel every 12 minutes on non-peak hours and every 8 minutes during rush hours. Trains go every 12 minutes during non-peak time, and every 3 minutes on peak hours.
  • To avail of unlimited travel, you can get a special tourist card. However, these can only be used over a short period of time. These cards are sold at Rs 250 for 3 days and Rs 100 for 1 day, but you also need to give a deposit of Rs 50 which shall be reimbursed when you return back the card.
  • An auto ticket system is used by the Metro in which tokens or cards are used and can be bought from the station’s ticket counters.
  • Traveling Expressing to the City Airport

    For travelers who are in a hurry and wish to travel fast from New Delhi to the airport, you can take the special express trip. You can reach Delhi Airport in just 18 minutes. Checking your luggage prior to getting in the train is also possible. This is if you are traveling locally through Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, or Jet Airways.

    Knowing your Train’s Platform Number

    Although the website of Delhi Division of Indian Railways is not that exceptional and at times slow, it offers beneficial information that passengers will know only by phoning the station. The site provides details on precise platform number by which your train shall arrive or depart.

    In case any changes with the train’s platform number are made, worries and panics are prevented. The live information which you can access through the website is surely advantageous for your planning and preparation.

    Sorry to say but the website only offers details for trains departing and arriving in Delhi.

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