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Voice Broadcasting Scores Big With Sports Teams

How do you quickly notify team members about last-minute practice time changes?

What do league organizers immediately get word out when weather cancels outdoor youth games?

How do you build fan attendance at games?

You could use email, but not everyone checks their email regularly. You could telephone everybody, but by the time you finish making all the calls, some might have left already and missed the all-important message.

The ultimate solution is voice broadcasting. In fact, its application in youth sports leagues, school sports, college athletics and professional sports is already scoring big among organizers, coaches, athletes, parents and fans.

Voice Broadcasting in Sports

An automated telephone tree for sports teams works well because it encompasses both voice messages and text messages. It is carried out by an automated sports notification system that provides the user with a simple, 3-step process for delivering their message.

  1. Upload your contact list and, if you prefer, organize it into different groups.
  2. Create your message.
  3. Choose whether to send your message via phone message, text message, or both, and when you want your message delivered.

The automated messaging service sends out your message and tracks its delivery in real-time. These automated voice and text services are invaluable in the sports community for several reasons:

    • • They get important, time-sensitive sports announcements out quickly to hundreds of people simultaneously;
    • • They are an inexpensive means for conducting marketing and promotional activities;
    • • They are mobile, making them easy to use and manage from anywhere;
    • • There’s one low monthly cost and no toll or long-distance charges and no equipment or software to purchase.

Look Who’s Using Automated Phone Calling in Sports

The number of sports-related organizations using a sports team automated messaging service is growing every day. The main reason is the versatility of automated voice and text messaging. Take a look at how some sports leagues and teams have automated their communications.

  • Youth soccer leagues use phone messaging for coaches when weather either delays or cancels a game.
  • Athletic associations organize registration, scheduling, volunteers, fundraising events, promotional activities, venue changes and more for hundreds of participants across multiple sports.
  • Baseball and softball leagues use automated messaging for broadcasting registration reminders, try-out reminders, practice cancellations, time changes or reminders, weekly games, tournament events, picture taking day and uniform requirements.
  • League coordinators communicate important information with referees throughout the season.
  • Team management relays player updates, final scores, last minute substitutions, time changes and rain-outs, and coordinates road trip transportation and venue details.
  • Recreation leaders notify staff and participants about changes in programs, venue, or schedule.
  • Colleges and professional teams use a voice and text sports marketing service to boost ticket sales with day-of ticket promotions, engage fans with game day promotional offers and events, and build fan base with special messages from star players.
  • Youth and college tournament weekend organizers and coaches instantaneously inform team members and parents of time and field locations for the next tourney round depending on win or loss status.
  • High school sports teams cut down on administrative work, like manual phone calling, by sending one message about practice and game changes to hundreds simultaneously.

Your sports organization can score big with voice broadcasting, too. For a tryout, click here for and its free, 30-day trial.

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