VoIP Advanced Features

There can be several reasons why your business will want to upgrade to more advanced phone features. However, the usual reason revolves around the growth of a business. When a business grows and expands, there can be communication between other companies and increased business travel. Combine this with you and your employees working from home and you may have the need for different communication options. A change in business focus can also require different phone options. You may even just want to try out an advanced phone feature in order to see if it can make your communications more efficient.

Here are some of the available advanced VoIP features that can be considered:

A Remote Location feature can allow simple connections to be made between small remote offices and offsite employees. One of the more popular features is Call Recording. This feature will allow you to review an incoming or outgoing call for future business-related assessment.

For purposes of keeping in touch with your office, when you’re offsite, the Find Me/Follow Me feature can come in handy. With this feature, calls can be forwarded to a cell phone, a different line or even a home phone. With home and office calling, Computer Telephone Integration will allow you to use a PC for dialing phone numbers. An incoming call can even be identified on your computer screen.

For purposes of tracking and monitoring business call expenses, the Call Accounting feature can help you identify any call spending issues. You can also track your company’s call queues. This form of call tracking can help you to determine the best configuration for setting up groups that contain multiple phone lines. With the Multiline Hunting feature, if a call attempts to connect to a busy line, it is forwarded automatically to the next programmed line.

Another handy way to make sure that you don’t miss a call is the Simultaneous Ringing feature. This will allow an incoming call to ring more than one phone at a time.

If you’re using an Outlook address phone book, the Outlook Integration feature will allow you to dial a number directly from that phone book. This saves time by not requiring you to log in to your system control panel.

There are also more highly advanced VoIP business phone features that may be used when your business evolves. An example of these features is Unified Messaging. This feature will integrate your voice, fax and email communications in order to provide your business maximum efficiency. Another highly advanced feature is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). This feature is used in a call center in order to evaluate the call volume of your agents. Then it will evenly distribute the incoming call workload.

These are some of the features that can assist your business as it grows. However, there are always additional advanced features that are being developed all the time.

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