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VoIP Systems

An Overview of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems are rapidly becoming more popular when it comes to choosing a cost-effective communications system – for a small business, in particular. This has to do with the fact that the initial investment can be relatively low. This is especially true for a hosted VoIP system where there is little to no extra initial investment when it comes to equipment. In some cases, an existing broadband setup can be used along with existing phones (with adapters).

Here, we’ll see the benefits of VoIP when it comes to a cost-effective system with a high ROI (return on investment).

VoIP Business Advantages

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to a business phone system that will allow voice communication to be transmitted over an Internet connection. You will be able to use current Internet technology to make and receive phone calls, rather than traditional landline wire connections. It requires a broadband Internet setup and can use specialized phones for VoIP or an adaptor that will allow you to utilize standard telephones. The result is a more versatile phone system that can also be more cost effective for both large and small businesses. What are some of the specifics for a business to focus on when making a decision regarding VoIP?

It’s less expensive – especially for smaller businesses. But even so, a large business can save hundreds of dollars by transitioning to a VoIP system.

It represents the cutting edge of software-based usability, since it can be updated in such a manner as to match current trends in communication.

VoIP is flexible since software, itself, is inherently flexible. This means that your communications system can be adapted to your businesses’ specific needs.

Your business communication capability can be readily expanded at a much lower cost than systems that rely on hardware additions for expansion. Profitability is not affected while communication ability is increased along with the potential addition of new features and options.

Obtaining Quotes for VoIP Quotes

If your business will be using a hosted VoIP system, obtaining a quote is a painless process that can be completed in a short period of time. That’s because most of the equipment resides with the hosting vendor. All that really needs to be assessed is the number of lines that are to be supported, features needed and phones that need to be purchased (or adapted). Most VoIP vendors have packages that can be quoted according to the answers to standardized questionnaires.

[Questionnaire can be placed here]

A VoIP system will have all the standard features of a business phone system, along with some features that are not available with traditional business phone service. You can see these options in the Features section. One of the best features of a VoIP system is the ability to monitor and manage your phone capabilities. You can use your own dedicated IT technician for this or rely on the management services offered by the VoIP hosting vendor.

VoIP setup will be supported by the provider, since each vendor may have different proprietary requirements for their setup. But rest assured that the goal of each provider is to get your business phones up and running as quickly as possible with no problems.

VoIP security is an issue that is a primary focus with VoIP providers since the system is Internet-based. However, with business software-based applications, your communications software security can be monitored by IT technicians far more closely than standard landline phones.

With all communications, troubleshooting is a major concern, since a business can come to a standstill if their phone service is down. With VoIP, technicians can remotely track most issues in the same manner that a standard Internet connection is tracked. This eliminates the hassles involved with tracking a hardware issue that involves complex wire connections. Without having to dispatch a technician to your business to fix an on-site problem, solutions are achieved much faster.

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