What are the best business phones?

When deciding on which business phone fits your company best, providing exceptional service and boosting the perception of your most important asset, the client, must be brought to the fore. Enhancing customer experience and satisfaction to the maximum level may be the thin line between business success and failure in these difficult economic times. No business, particularly those that are small and emerging, is exempt from low profitability and high failure rate owing to the fact that they have limited capital and thus opportunities. Tighter lending conditions and rising operations costs are of no help and can potentially bring their profits down. Consumers’ negative perception on products or services offered by a business may hurt them further and devastate their finances.

At least fifty-nine percent of 2,223 business owners, CEOs and presidents of small businesses surveyed by The Business Journal affirmed that wireless services have become crucial to their business operations. With at least 2.27 billion people using the internet daily and 4.8 billion people with mobile phones, our world has indeed become fast-paced and digital, our culture increasingly 24/7 and business environments virtual and mobile. Hence, having a company phone number which can be contacted by a customer anytime and anywhere they want can put your business to the lead and boost its future prosperity.

Revolutions in the internet technology and telecommunications industry have brought Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone systems into the spotlight, shoving traditional business phone into the sidelines. VoIP has gained ground and popularity even during the economic recession as many reliable and dedicated service providers make the portability of a phone number available to businesses at efficient costs.

A business phone supported by VoIP calling features can give your company the following:

  • Project the image of being present anytime and anywhere

Phone systems reliant on the Internet enable your customers to make calls, send and receive fax and voice messages to your business at their convenience. Your customers may also be located in various places across the globe, spanning not only distance but also time. A local or virtual phone number makes your business accessible to at least 200 area codes or states in the US and across global continents even. Web-based phone systems also enable businesses to forward calls, send, receive and check fax messages and voicemails wherever there is an internet connection and with soft phones installed in handheld devices which they could take anywhere.

  • Cost-effective business communication

Internet-based phone systems have achieved record-breaking popularity among businesses of all sizes for toll-free or 800 business phone numbers. Not only can businesses be called by anyone at their convenience, they could also do so free of charge. Calls made by customers as well as sent fax and voice messages will instead be charged to the business which is a great way to surpass customer service standards. Businesses may also incur massive savings on unlimited local and long distance phone calls made available to them by service providers.

Forward-looking businesses need mobility and flexibility in building relationships with their customers mounted on communication. Choosing a business phone that can take your customer service to the next level may bring the success of your business venture a step further.

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