What is the best business mobile phone?

Business phones have become an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur these days. Businessmen need a phone not just to communicate with their partners and clients but also to be able to run their businesses even while on the road. Thus a typical business phone no longer serves as merely for communication or merely storing telephone numbers, it is also incorporated with various functions like on board office applications that allow users to view and edit documents, personal organizers, and other advanced business tools and applications. With the influx of smart phones in the market, business-minded people now have a lot of options to choose from.

Blackberry Phones Get the Most Votes

While the IPhone has been hyped as the best smart phone in the market today, most businessmen still consider it as too complicated for their taste. Many business-minded users remain loyal with Blackberry phones, especially because of their simplistic yet functional design. The QWERTY keypad, for instance, allows users to compose e-mails and text messages and store telephone numbers quickly. Most entrepreneurs, especially older ones, have troubles composing messages in touch-screen phones like the IPhone, and thus find Blackberry handsets a more practical option. QWERTY keypad is also more suited for editing and viewing office documents.

Blackberry phones like the Blackberry Bold 9900 are also preferred because of its push e-mail service. Business users can get their emails instantly when using the said business phone, even if there is limited Internet connection. Applications like the web browser and text messaging tools are also easy to find and use in a Blackberry business phone.

Blackberry Messenger

The Blackberry Messenger is another reason why a Blackberry phone is best for business. Blackberry Messenger allows users to get in-touch with their clients and co-workers in real time. Blackberry has also incorporated numerous updates through the years to make its Messenger service even more tailored to address business needs, from sharing of calendars and tasks, and creating groups for simpler way of sharing of information and responsibilities.


Blackberry phones also have good security, with a password used to safeguard stolen or misplaced devices. Users can configure a Blackberry business phone to automatically lock the device during inactivity. Likewise, a Blackberry phone can also conduct a data swipe in case a wrong password is keyed in multiple times.

Despite the popularity of the IPhone as well as other smartphones that run on the Android platform, it cannot be denied that Blackberry phones remain the top choice of many businessmen.

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