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What VoIP Means: Distinguishing VoIP out of all Phone Systems

It pays to learn what VoIP is, especially if you are planning to restructure and improve your business communication system.

The Fundamental Concept of VoIP

Voice of Internet Protocol or VoIP is known as a beneficial alternative to the traditional process of communication that makes use of the telephone. Rather than utilizing telephone sets that convey signals, a VoIP system transmits signals digitally. These signals are further converted to audio data as soon as they have reached the receiver’s end. The whole process of conversion takes place through the internet. Though the technology of such communication system is yet far from the standard means, a number of people believe that this will sooner or later replace the typical phones. And many VoIP phone service providers are coming out these days.

Learning the Details of a VoIP System

After knowing what VoIP is, learning how it works comes next. However, it helps to understand first how the typical telephone system works. A typical phone call uses circuit switching. As you try to call someone, your call passes through a set of switches which begins at your telephone handset. When the receiver answers your call, another circuit which connects the two of you will be opened.

In the VoIP system, packet switching is used instead of circuit switching. Using this technology, a voice data is switched to small data packets. There are also instructions on how and where these data should be received. After that, the packets of data are sent to several possible methods. First, these pass through the nearest transmitter before going through other routers before finally reaching the right recipient. Once the packets reached the recipient, they are converted in a format that can be recognized.

Benefits of Using VoIP Technology

Understanding what VoIP is and how it functions is essential, and knowing further the advantages you can get out of this system is much more exciting. There are a number of useful features businesses can take advantage of once subscribed to a VoIP phone service. You can practically make calls in any location, provided that internet connection is present. This is also a cheaper means to make calls locally and internationally since expensive circuit switching is eliminated entirely.

Setbacks of VoIP

Although, VoIP phone system is known to be less costly, convenient, and fast, it also has its share of disadvantages. And the drawbacks of such system are mainly due to the limitations that trouble the computer technology, and the persistent reliance on telephones. Because VoIP system depends on the internet, it can also be susceptible to the problems and shortcomings that plague the internet and computer systems. Some of the common problems that you can encounter are stolen packets, crashing, and viral attacks.

With the continuous growth of computer and internet technology, there is truly a great potential for VoIP system. The means of communications are constantly evolving and improving, and VoIP plays a role. Business owners who wish to venture into a progressive and improved communication structure should discover what VoIP is.

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